Month: April 2014

Grocery Store Steals & Deals…

Hello frugal friends,


Two more days until my school field trip, so I’ve rounded up some deals for you from a couple of different places!   I will more than likely be off the grid starting Monday the 28th until Cinco de Mayo.  I am going to be traveling the state searching and studying snails.  There are some bonuses to going to Evergreen State College… such as, getting upper division science credit for playing hide and seek with snails.  Who do you think will win?  My vote goes to the snails.  Anyways… Here’s what is going on that is important for your lives…


Mother’s Day is two weeks away… Want to do something nice for your mom, but don’t want to break the bank?  Get her a photo book of you and your siblings, or your kids, or whatever it is she like!  When I was at Safeway today, I received a catalina for Shutterfly that could work out great for all you on a tight budget this upcoming Mother’s Day ❤  You can go to Shutterfly and order an 8×8 photo book and get it for FREE using this promo code: CT8JDMYZPU63WSOZS2.  This is good for one 20 page book, but you will still have to pay for shipping, which should come out to less than $10.  So while this won’t be completely free, it is a pretty big discount since the books start out at $25 bucks.  You can only get one free book per mailing address, so keep that in mind!


Next up…. Fred Meyer’s.  I used to be Pro-Freddies team, but lately it seems that they don’t have steals, but baby deals.  Five years ago when my sister was pregnant with my nephew, I thought this was the greatest deal finding place for baby clothes (I have since learned, and don’t buy baby clothes from there anymore).  Now, I can occasionally find something worth while there… and today was a pretty good day to be shopping there.  Mainly, this is due to the fact that I needed camping/hiking things for my trip, and they had some great prices on some of these items.

photo 1 (5)

All of the clearance was an additional 40% off.  This isn’t uncommon for them to do, but you just have to make sure that they actually marked down the product to begin with.  Sometimes the original price is $39.99, they mark it down to $37.99 and then give you 40% off.  It makes you think you are getting a good deal, but you aren’t.  They had a ton of bras on the racks for a very reasonable price and a ton of selection (Lacey location).  The lingerie dept, shoe dept., and kids department had very full racks, but I didn’t check out the rest.  If you manage to find something good, let me know!

What I went there for were rain boots or hiking boots.  I did manage to get a $60 pair for $30.  While paying this price is usually unheard of in my world, they were a necessity & therefore outweighed my frugal side.

photo (7)


They also had tons of their camping gear I sale.  I managed to get a new sleeping bag for $9.99, which was 50% off.  I was just going to borrow one from a friend for my field trip, but for $10, I am going to use it again, and it’s a great price.  So if you are in need a sleeping bag, this is where to go.  Many other camping supplies were on sale, but I didn’t get a chance to snap pictures for you guys.  You will have to check it out yourselves!

photo 2 (6)




Now, my shopping heaven, Top Foods (Haggen) had a pile of markdowns on meat today.  I managed to get two 12 ounce packages of turkey sausage link at $1.49/container.  I just so happen to have coupons for these items, for reasons which are unknown to me, and for each package at 0.96.  They didn’t have too many markdowns today while I was there, but I was in considerably earlier than my usual time.  They still have plenty of Maybelline $1 make-up if you haven’t checked that out yet.


And lastly, while I have posted about this before, when this deal comes up… I don’t think people should pass it up.  This is why I will always tell you when I see it.  This is such a great stock up price, and as I put this away today, I realized my stock up cupboard is starting to look a little scarce.  I will have to start looking out for sales on more toiletries.

photo 3 (5)

Safeway has Colgate toothpaste marked at 0.99 a box.  If you have coupons for Colgate you can get this for even cheaper.  I just managed to get my hands on an old laptop that I will use just to add a coupon printer too.  My husband is concerned that if I put it on my good laptop it will fill it full of viruses and spam type things.  If anyone knows of a good coupon place to print from online, let me know.  I don’t often use coupons because I can’t print them from home, but if I could… I would become COUPON QUEEN.. *insert evil laugh*…  Safeway also had a pretty decent freezer clearance spot on Yelm Highway today.  PF Chang’s, Eggo’s, Pizza’s, pies and pie crusts…

Ohh… one last thing… Sears still has some, but not much left of their $1.99 clearance clothes sale.  Get there.


Until next time friends…





A few different ways to save today… Photo’s, food, and more!

Hey there fellow frugal shoppers,

Since I will be gone all next week, I am trying to get as many good deals in for you as possible, so that you have enough to do while I’m away!  Today isn’t just about one place or thing, but a few different things.  Let’s start with my favorite… the grocery store.  Now, if you are still under the impression that Top Foods (Haggen) is the most expensive store in town, please let this post help change that horrible misconception.  I scored like a bandit today.. Here’s what I got:


Now, while I tend to be the person who stocks up because of a great price, I don’t think Kevin will go through 13 sticks of deodorant in the next five years.  That being said, at 0.59 a stick, I will be looking for a donation site for toiletries that I can send some of these off to.  Don’t worry, I left about 20 plus more sticks there so that anyone else in need of some D.O for their B.O. wouldn’t feel left out.  The Herbal Essence 2 in 1 was marked down to 0.99 a bottle, so I picked up a few of those since Kevin still uses shampoo.  I am hoping one day to convert him to ACV and baking soda like me, but for now, he just isn’t quite there.  I also left more there for any other fellow readers who wanted to get in on this price.  The juice which is normally around $3, was marked down to $1.69 as was the cereal.  Lastly, what were at least $10 mittens and gloves, were now marked at 0.99 each, so I snagged those up for this years upcoming fantastic weather!  All of this cost me $22.  I don’t know what the original cost would have been, but I can safely assume that the hat and mittens alone would have cost that if these were all marked at a normal price.


In other news, with one season ending, and the other beginning, it probably means that you have photos you need to get off your camera and made tangible.  Well, I received an email from Walgreen’s with their latest “best” deal on photos at 0.10 4×6 photos when you order 50+ using the code PERFECT10.  I thought this was a marvelous deal since Costco charges 0.13 unless you order 500+ (in which case they can’t promise an hour, and they charge 0.10).  But then I learned that you could get 30 4×6 photos from Rite Aid for $3.99 making them about 0.08 per photo using code PRINT399.  Keep these deals in mind for Mother’s Day as it is only a few weeks away, and a scrapbook or photo album of all their little favorites would be loved I am sure!


The next best thing in my world is post holiday candy discounts 🙂  The winner so far… Rite Aid at 50% off their original marked prices…   This didn’t just include candy, but all of the Easter style toys or what not that they have.  For instance, a six piece chalk that was in their Easter collection was marked down to 0.75.  They still had a great candy selection as well.

Top Foods barely had their candy marked down, so I won’t be buying any from them.  They don’t seem to quite get it like Rite Aid does… Mark it down, I make it disappear ; )  

Target had candy marked down to 30% off and things like the egg kits at 50% off… I would stick with Rite Aid personally.


Well friends, I hope this gives you some places to check out and some things to get at great prices this week!   I am sure you will hear from me again before I leave on Monday for the week.


Until next time,




Ladies & Gents…Sears has done it again!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

I will soon be leaving for a week long class field trip, so in the mean time, I want to be able to get as many deals as possible to you!  It just so happens that Sears has managed to catch my eye for the last month or so and will no be on my weekly radar.  Each time I go in there, they have the best marked down clothes and accessories one could ask for.  If there is one thing I never think you should pay full price for, it is definitely clothing.  So check out what Sears is up to:


A few weeks ago I told you all that they had their winter clearance marked down to $3.99….well, that price has been hacked…AGAIN!  All winter clearance that was $3.99 is now….. (can I get a drum roll, please?)


WHAT!   How is this even possible you ask?  I don’t know, but it isn’t a mistake.  I managed to get over $400 worth of merchandise for around $28 bucks.  They had these prices in men’s, women’s, kids/babies, and teens, so it’s a one stop shop for a clearance madness!  Don’t forget to use the Sear’s shop your way rewards card because a) that is how I got my free dress (which I wore today), and b) even though you aren’t spending a ton of money with these $1.99 clearance items, the dollar amount adds up and you can use those points on future purchases.  I used mine up to get my dress but I have about $1 on there, from my last few trips.

Here are the goods:




All of these items above were $1.99 ^^ Whoop whoop!   Who says no to that?  This is an approved deal of the day by me!  Here is what is all in this stack:

Women’s dress (red stripes): Originally $50

Boys sweatshirts (7x): Originally $38

Cream & Grey sweaters: Originally $10

Olive with heart sweaters (2x):  Originally $38

LEGGINGS!!!! (2x):  Originally $9.  I am most excited about these, because they are not cotton ones:)


 In addition to clothing, they also had slippers on clearance.  The fuzzy ones on top, which are actually bright pink but the light was bad, are also $1.99!  With Angry Birds being so in right now, for $3.49 they sure would make your kid happy!  The marker for the AB slippers was incorrectly priced, but I checked on the machine and they rang up at $3.49 =)

 Image Image



Now as far as a few posts ago, when I talked about their shoe clearance, that is also still going very strong.  Currently you get 30% off your first pair of clearance shoes, but if you buy a second pair of clearance shoes you get 50% off those one!  Some of the kids shoes were marked as low as $4.99 before the 30% off, so you could walk out of there with two sets of shoes, and not even spend ten bucks!  

And lastly, the one thing I have yet to talk about, and I am not sure why, is that they have clearance jewelry going on right now… What does that entail you are wondering?  Well, discounts start at 70% and work up to 90% off.  I saw a pair of beautiful hoop earring marked originally at $699.99, with a red clearance ticket telling me that they were 90% off…. I think you can do the math on that one:)  You would be paying 10% of the original cost!  If you have some spare money hanging around, these are things you can buy and resell for a higher cost!  I don’t do this often, but it something to think about.

Get there fast because at $1.99 you can’t expect these clothes to last forever!


Happy shopping friends…Until next time,



Going Green…One Bag at a Time

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Have you heard that on July 1st Thurston County will be banning plastic bags from stores?  In addition to that, stores will be required to charge you a minimum of 5 cents per paper bag you get.  If you don’t believe me, check out the Thurston County site:  Because of this, I have been on the hunt for the best reusable bags at the best price.  I have been doing this for about two months, and today is the day I have found that place.  At .88 per bag, WinCo tops the charts, for best price for the size!  



I have looked at most of the “normal” places you would go to get these:  Fred Meyers, Top Foods (Haggen), Safeway, Trader Joe’s and so forth.  These WinCo bags are just as good as or better quality than some of the bags I found at these other retailers.  On top of that, these bags are HUGE, which allows me to have to buy less.  Most of the other bags around started at .99 and moved up to around $2-3 for bags the same size as the WinCo bags.  I purchased five today, and will be buying more before July comes.  I predict the price of the bags will go up because people will have to have them.  I could be wrong… But why find out and have to pay a higher price, when I can get them at such an affordable price now?

Now, I know that you can’t quit tell how big these bags are by looking at the picture, but to put it into monetary perspective, I put $50 worth of groceries in three of them with room!  This included two melons and four pounds of strawberries! 


On a different note, WinCo also had a great deal on a few other things:

Pepsi products:  $4.98 for a 24 pack, but if you look at the cases, there are $1 off stickers on most of them, making the total price $3.98.  This is even cheaper than the store brand cola.  

Easter candy 🙂  Yummmy!  All of the Easter candy was marked down, but by how much I don’t know.  They had already just changed the tags.  I know Robin Eggs were $1 and Starburst Jelly Beans were about the same  🙂  So why don’t you celebrate the day after Easter, with some Easter candy!

Not the most enthralling post today, but it’s still a way to save!  


Until next time…


Shoes, shoes, shoes, all types of shoes!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

It’s been a few days, but I came across yet another great deal from Sears!  When this place puts stuff on clearance, they don’t mess around.  This for one, makes my life easier.  I am always annoyed that I will have to continue to go to a place to see if something has been marked down enough for me to think it is worth purchasing.  This week at Sears you can get an additional 30% off shoes that are on clearance.  I managed to snag three pairs of slip on kid shoes for less than $10!!!  Check them out!  



These were the only three I purchased, but they had a pretty decent selection of shoes to choose from.  Another great deal was kids snow boots (you know my motto, buy for next year now!!).  They were marked down to $9.99, then you got the extra 30% off… so about $8 for a pair of snow shoes that looked like this after tax!


Some other shoes they had on clearance were:

Men’s: white tennis shoe & semi-casual shoes.

Women’s:  Wedge boots, ankle boots, regular boots with heel, and more!

Boys:  Slip-on’s shown in above picture, snow boots, tennis shoes (regular and Spider-Man), &dress up shoes (the kind you wear with slacks).

Girls:  Slip-on’s shows in above picture, snow boots, furry boots, kid ankle boots, dress-up shoes, & more.


Prices started at $4.99 before the extra discount and went up from there!  They were spread out throughout the shoe department, so if you go, be sure to take a look around and maybe ask an associate if there are any hidden spots!  I also scored some super cute rain boots that were supposed to be $35 for $8, but I left them to be wrapped up for Easter for my little baby niece!  I purchased the boots and the shoes separately, and when I got the boots, the printer spit out a take $10 off $40 in the shoe section. I didn’t spend that much, but that would have been an awesome extra discount (25%) had I used it.  

Go buy shoes, even if you don’t need them now, you will later, and some of the prices can’t be beat!  Have a great weekend friends.


Until next time..


Make-up Steals of the Day… Maybelline

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I know I have said this before, but man oh man do I love Top Foods (Haggen)!  I always come to find the best deal from this place and they are not always groceries.   Today I went in for a de-stress post exam shopping trip.   I was taking my sweet time, checking all my favorite spots… When I came across MAKE-UP markdowns.  WHAAAAT!  I know  that I just posted about making your own bronzer, but all their  Maybelline clearance make-up was marked down to $1.00.  (Who turns that down?)



What I ended up with was three bottles of foundation, three eye shadows, and some all day stay lip stick (not pictured).  I went over to Rite-Aid today to do a price check on what these would normally run.  They didn’t have any of the exact products, but the cheapest foundation they had was $7.49, which makes the savings $6.49.  Uhh, yes please!  The eye shadows ran about $4-5, so they savings were upwards of $4!  I forget to check on the lip stick, but I can only imagine the savings to be similar to the eye shadow.

Colors options:

-Eye shadow:  Teal, purple, green duo (light/dark), Medium & dark brown, greyish blue, and light brown, black.

-All day lip wear:  pink or red


Some things I didn’t buy, but that they had were:

-Eyebrow liner

-Eye liner: Bronze gleam, light brown, and sapphire glimmer

-Lip stick tubes (regular, not all day):  pinks

-Lip volumizer


All of these were $1 per product, and if you happen to have any Maybelline coupons, you could potentially get these items for free!  They often put coupons for these products in the Sunday paper, so if you have enough extra time to swing by the Dollar Tree first to check the paper out, you may be able to get a better bang for your buck!  These items were in the mark down section, and supplies were limited.  However, there were plenty of options when I left this afternoon, so I imagine you could score on this deal if you went in the next few days.


Happy shopping friends… Until next time!


Why Use Shampoo When You Can Use What You Already have?

In February of this year I made a decision not to buy anymore shampoo and conditioner.  No, I don’t want dread’s.. I just hated paying the price for these “essentials” and they have so many crazy chemicals that it seems ridiculous we would be okay with putting it all over our body (Yes, it doesn’t just go on your head…).  I had not needed to purchase shampoo/conditioner in about two years as I had stocked up from Albertsons going out of business and decided to give the “No more shampoo” theory a try.

It’s a simple task that involves a few extra steps when you go to wash your hair, but for me it ended up being more convenient due to the fact I went from washing my hair about every 4-6 days to 7-10 days.  Seems crazy, right?  Well, you have to train your hair in order to not wash it every day and it takes time… But not washing my hair as often saves me so much extra time, that the extra two minutes to get ready for a wash is worth it.

All you need are two ingredients:

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Baking Soda

…and a couple of cups (I use solo cups so that I don’t keep my good cups in the bathroom)


Image       Image 


In order to get the best results, I played around with how much of each of these ingredients I used.  

I use about 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, diluted with enough water to make it slightly more liquid than a paste.  I pour it on my scalp and rub it in.  I promptly rinse it out and then add about 1.5 oz ACV with the rest of the solo cup filled to the top with hot water to my head.  If your ends feel dry, feel free to dip them into the ACV mix before pouring on your head.  I let it sit for just a minute and rinse like normal.  Do be careful… if you don’t scrub your scalp when you are rinsing the baking soda, you could get what seems to be “cradle cap” or dandruff that is really just excess baking soda!  

For those of you who hate the smell of vinegar, it grows on you!  Plus the dilution really helps in the shower to keep the smell less in your face.  The smell doesn’t linger too long in your hair (usually the smell is gone from my hair as soon as it air dries or sooner).  I have been using this method for about two months now and can say that I won’t be going back to shampoo and conditioner any time soon.  On average I would spend about $5 per bottle of shampoo or conditioner, buying the conditioner more frequently.  I would go through a bottle of conditioner in about 1.5 months and shampoo every two months. I would estimate the savings a year would be somewhere around $50-70 a year.  

I purchased my products from WinCo, but have heard you can get these for a good price at Costco as well.  You may have to look around for the best deal and don’t forget to check the unit prices and bulk.  


Have you tried it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know!

Enjoy….Until next time,


How I’m going to save $70 a year on Bronzer…

Hello fellow frugal friends.

I hope your enjoyed this beautiful weekend.  Mine was primarily spent doing homework and studying for an upcoming exam.  I did have a spare five minutes to hit up the grocery store and promptly return home with enough time to make my own face bronzer!!  That’s right ladies… and it took me about five minutes to get the shading right.  This project (if you can even call it that) took a total of ten minutes, if you include time it took me at the store to find it! On top of that, it was probably the easiest DIY I have ever done!

Now, depending on what kind of make up you wear, savings could be minimal or you could save like me… about $70 a year.  Now, anyone who knows me, or reads my posts knows I am the most frugal person in the world!  There is one thing I will spend my money on.  Estee Lauder Matte Bronzer.  I have been using this since I was sixteen and spending all my nights at my friends house!  I usually buy two a year at $35 a piece.  I know…astonishing.  In addition to that, I usually buy a cheap drug store bronzer that I put on my cheeks… so probably almost a $90 a year if you include that.

This DIY recipe calls for three ingredients, two of which are common household items and you may already have.  The total cost of making my own bronzer was $3.29 (because I had to buy the third item) and I imagine it will be at least two years before I have to buy more stuff for it.


Here what you will need:

-A container that stores air tight (mine was from the Dollar Tree and I already had it)

-A spoon


-Cocoa powder




Now, unfortunately, because everyone has their own shade of skin and I myself am about as white as a ghost… All I can give you is the way I made the bronzer, but not actual measurements.

First, I put in about 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon.  Then I added a spoon full of cocoa powder.  It looked REALLY dark, and the whole me being REALLY white thing, made me think I should then add a decent amount of arrowroot.  WRONG.  Personally, I feel like as a finished product it looks a lot darker in the container than on my face, which is fine since I can adjust this at any time!  Then I just played around with the amounts and used my hand as a template for sampling.  When I found the right mixture for me… I went to the bathroom and put it on!

LOVE.  IT.  I will not be buying bronzer for many years to come I am sure of it.  Why waste the money?  I would approximate the cost to be about fifty cents or less to make and will last me about six months if I had to guess based on how much I have.


Here is the finished product!  It doesn’t look like there is much in there, but I promise there is!  One major bonus is that it doesn’t have that “make up” smell (know what I’m talking about, or am I nuts?)… It smells tasty 🙂   While I wish I could take all the credit for this brilliant idea, my friend Jennifer actually told me about it.  I saw it on her a few weeks ago and her skin looks amazing!  Doesn’t look “caked” with make up or anything.  She had a great glow without looking like she had even put anything on her face (I mean, anyone who knows Jen, she’s BEAUTIFUL without make up on).


Take a few minutes to relax, get these ingredients together and go make your own bronzer.  Spend your money on other important things, especially from local people… If you get a chance, go check out the Lela clothing page on Facebook!  This girl rocks at making home made accessories, and with all the money you will save on this new bronzer can go towards a new scarf or something! 🙂


Hope you enjoy!  Until next time…


Summer Love.. and the Shoppin’ is Easy!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

Today’s good deals are from one of my favorite places to shop!  Rite Aid.  They always seem to have the craziest and best things for sale.  I of course don’t mention them all… But here are a few of my personal favorites this week!  Also… at the end of the post, find out where I found Seahawks Super Bowl shirts on clearance!

Want to start your stock up on some kids summer toys, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg?  Well, I bet you won’t be too surprised to hear from me, that I have found a way for you to save!  Rite Aid has tons of summer water toys at 50% off already!  Discounted prices start at $1 and up… Most things I saw were going for $3-4.  Kids demolish things so quickly, that it seems senseless to pay full price for these items come July when the weather gets hot, so go buy them now!  





Now, beyond the kids, if you are looking for cheap make-up, they also had their Wet n Wild collection marked 40% off.  This makes their eye pencil sharpener .60, one of their mascara’s a buck, and so on… While this isn’t high end make-up, sometimes you just need a back-up, or sometimes you just can’t afford the good stuff.  Either way, for a buck, I will try any mascara!  Some of their other make up brands were buy one, get the second half off.. But the prices weren’t great in my opinion.



Planning on taking your kids to the movies this weekend, but don’t want to pay the price of the movie theater candy?  Well, at BOGO candy boxes, hitting up Rite Aid before the movie is cheaper than going to the dollar store.  Normal boxes are $1.49, so when you buy two you are essentially paying .75/box.  This is fifty cents cheaper than going to the Dollar Tree!  These are also great ways to save on buying candy for Easter baskets.  Don’t pay the outrageous amount for Easter colored candy, when you can buy everyday candy at a WAY cheaper price!  





And… saving the best for last.  Who doesn’t have a Seahawks Super Bowl shirt yet and wants one at a GREAT price?  ME!  Well, then head to Target’s clearance section.  Shirt’s regularly marked at $20, were now $6.  That’s 70% savings, and how can you beat that?  Here is what the ladies shirt looked like…


The one in West Olympia had ladies and kids shirts, but I forgot (whoops) to check out the men’s dept. to see if there were any left for the boyfriends and husbands… 



Have a great weekend..  🙂  



How to Shop at Little to no Cost Using Savings Cards!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

You know all those annoying cards that stores and restaurants make you get, so you can get “good deals”… Well, while I don’t really partake in too many of those, I do have a Sears “Shop Your Way” rewards card.  It is similar to any one of the other million savings cards out there.   You spend $250, you get something like $2.50 put on your card that you can spend on a future visit.  In addition to that, Sears (who is affiliated with Kmart) often sends out e-mails with “surprise” points that you can spend on a purchase.  Sometimes you have to spend a certain amount to use the points, and sometimes the points are there and you may use them as you in wish.

Today I realized I was wasting free money every time I tossed the e-mails from Sears!  I got yet ANOTHER e-mail from them saying, “Surprise!  You have free points to spend on-line!”… and I thought to myself, what the heck can I buy with this?  But then, being the deal finder I am, I went on to look and see what I could get with the points I had.   As it turns out, I had enough to get a cute summer dress at NO cost.  FREE.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nada.  That’s right… Free kids.  Who wouldn’t spend the time to look at see what they could get for free?  They had the option of delivery (for six or seven bucks) or in-store pick-up for free… Can you guess which I chose?  The bonus is, that when it gets to the store for me to pick up, I can make my mom snag it so that I don’t have to rush to get it!

Now for the kind of bummer, but not so much.  I personally never shopped at Kmart until they were going out of business in the Lacey area.  I then proceeded to go the last few days and score a bunch of killer deals!  When I got my free points from Sears, they also sent me some for Kmart… Uhh, heck yes.  So what did I get you ask?  Well, of course shoes!  I ended up paying $7 (and some change maybe) for a pair of new boots (for my sister, aren’t I nice?) and a pair of new sandals for summer.  The shoes themselves were free, but because we don’t have a store in Lacey anymore, I had to pay shipping.  This was the bummer.  I could have had free in-store pick up for these as well, in which case they would have been free.  If you have a Kmart near you and can pick up, do it!  I am sure it would cost less than the $7 I am paying in shipping.

I guess what I really want you to get out of this, is to figure out which “savings cards” are worth it for you.  I find that having twenty plus cards is worthless.  I don’t use most of them enough to reap the benefits, but with the Sears Shop Your Way rewards card, it sends me “free points” regularly, regardless of when the last time I shopped there was.  I have actually been looking into club card type stuff, to see what each place will do for me.  Mainly I am doing this because if the savings over time are minimal, I probably don’t shop there enough, and the card won’t be worth it.


Well, off to do more homework 🙂  Just an FYI, I ordered my shoes an hour ago, and they have already been shipped…how is that even possible?….Update:  Now my Sears order has also shipped!  AMAZING!!!


Happy shopping friends.