Shoes, shoes, shoes, all types of shoes!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

It’s been a few days, but I came across yet another great deal from Sears!  When this place puts stuff on clearance, they don’t mess around.  This for one, makes my life easier.  I am always annoyed that I will have to continue to go to a place to see if something has been marked down enough for me to think it is worth purchasing.  This week at Sears you can get an additional 30% off shoes that are on clearance.  I managed to snag three pairs of slip on kid shoes for less than $10!!!  Check them out!  



These were the only three I purchased, but they had a pretty decent selection of shoes to choose from.  Another great deal was kids snow boots (you know my motto, buy for next year now!!).  They were marked down to $9.99, then you got the extra 30% off… so about $8 for a pair of snow shoes that looked like this after tax!


Some other shoes they had on clearance were:

Men’s: white tennis shoe & semi-casual shoes.

Women’s:  Wedge boots, ankle boots, regular boots with heel, and more!

Boys:  Slip-on’s shown in above picture, snow boots, tennis shoes (regular and Spider-Man), &dress up shoes (the kind you wear with slacks).

Girls:  Slip-on’s shows in above picture, snow boots, furry boots, kid ankle boots, dress-up shoes, & more.


Prices started at $4.99 before the extra discount and went up from there!  They were spread out throughout the shoe department, so if you go, be sure to take a look around and maybe ask an associate if there are any hidden spots!  I also scored some super cute rain boots that were supposed to be $35 for $8, but I left them to be wrapped up for Easter for my little baby niece!  I purchased the boots and the shoes separately, and when I got the boots, the printer spit out a take $10 off $40 in the shoe section. I didn’t spend that much, but that would have been an awesome extra discount (25%) had I used it.  

Go buy shoes, even if you don’t need them now, you will later, and some of the prices can’t be beat!  Have a great weekend friends.


Until next time..




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