Grocery Store Steals & Deals…

Hello frugal friends,


Two more days until my school field trip, so I’ve rounded up some deals for you from a couple of different places!   I will more than likely be off the grid starting Monday the 28th until Cinco de Mayo.  I am going to be traveling the state searching and studying snails.  There are some bonuses to going to Evergreen State College… such as, getting upper division science credit for playing hide and seek with snails.  Who do you think will win?  My vote goes to the snails.  Anyways… Here’s what is going on that is important for your lives…


Mother’s Day is two weeks away… Want to do something nice for your mom, but don’t want to break the bank?  Get her a photo book of you and your siblings, or your kids, or whatever it is she like!  When I was at Safeway today, I received a catalina for Shutterfly that could work out great for all you on a tight budget this upcoming Mother’s Day ❤  You can go to Shutterfly and order an 8×8 photo book and get it for FREE using this promo code: CT8JDMYZPU63WSOZS2.  This is good for one 20 page book, but you will still have to pay for shipping, which should come out to less than $10.  So while this won’t be completely free, it is a pretty big discount since the books start out at $25 bucks.  You can only get one free book per mailing address, so keep that in mind!


Next up…. Fred Meyer’s.  I used to be Pro-Freddies team, but lately it seems that they don’t have steals, but baby deals.  Five years ago when my sister was pregnant with my nephew, I thought this was the greatest deal finding place for baby clothes (I have since learned, and don’t buy baby clothes from there anymore).  Now, I can occasionally find something worth while there… and today was a pretty good day to be shopping there.  Mainly, this is due to the fact that I needed camping/hiking things for my trip, and they had some great prices on some of these items.

photo 1 (5)

All of the clearance was an additional 40% off.  This isn’t uncommon for them to do, but you just have to make sure that they actually marked down the product to begin with.  Sometimes the original price is $39.99, they mark it down to $37.99 and then give you 40% off.  It makes you think you are getting a good deal, but you aren’t.  They had a ton of bras on the racks for a very reasonable price and a ton of selection (Lacey location).  The lingerie dept, shoe dept., and kids department had very full racks, but I didn’t check out the rest.  If you manage to find something good, let me know!

What I went there for were rain boots or hiking boots.  I did manage to get a $60 pair for $30.  While paying this price is usually unheard of in my world, they were a necessity & therefore outweighed my frugal side.

photo (7)


They also had tons of their camping gear I sale.  I managed to get a new sleeping bag for $9.99, which was 50% off.  I was just going to borrow one from a friend for my field trip, but for $10, I am going to use it again, and it’s a great price.  So if you are in need a sleeping bag, this is where to go.  Many other camping supplies were on sale, but I didn’t get a chance to snap pictures for you guys.  You will have to check it out yourselves!

photo 2 (6)




Now, my shopping heaven, Top Foods (Haggen) had a pile of markdowns on meat today.  I managed to get two 12 ounce packages of turkey sausage link at $1.49/container.  I just so happen to have coupons for these items, for reasons which are unknown to me, and for each package at 0.96.  They didn’t have too many markdowns today while I was there, but I was in considerably earlier than my usual time.  They still have plenty of Maybelline $1 make-up if you haven’t checked that out yet.


And lastly, while I have posted about this before, when this deal comes up… I don’t think people should pass it up.  This is why I will always tell you when I see it.  This is such a great stock up price, and as I put this away today, I realized my stock up cupboard is starting to look a little scarce.  I will have to start looking out for sales on more toiletries.

photo 3 (5)

Safeway has Colgate toothpaste marked at 0.99 a box.  If you have coupons for Colgate you can get this for even cheaper.  I just managed to get my hands on an old laptop that I will use just to add a coupon printer too.  My husband is concerned that if I put it on my good laptop it will fill it full of viruses and spam type things.  If anyone knows of a good coupon place to print from online, let me know.  I don’t often use coupons because I can’t print them from home, but if I could… I would become COUPON QUEEN.. *insert evil laugh*…  Safeway also had a pretty decent freezer clearance spot on Yelm Highway today.  PF Chang’s, Eggo’s, Pizza’s, pies and pie crusts…

Ohh… one last thing… Sears still has some, but not much left of their $1.99 clearance clothes sale.  Get there.


Until next time friends…





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