Month: September 2014

10 Piece Cookware Set… Amazon’s Deal of the Day!

Check out Amazon’s deal of the day… You can get Rachel Ray’s 10 piece set cookware for $99.99, regularly $255.  This is over $150 in savings.  These are dishwasher safe and a 4.5 star rating.

If we didn’t already have new cookware I would probably be snagging this up!  But, thanks to wedding money from three years ago, we already own a nice set.  There is a 12 & 14 piece set, but they aren’t really a good deal.  This deal is only good for another seven hours, so jump on it.  If you are a Prime member, this ships free (2 DAYS!)… if you don’t have Prime, now would be a good time to get it.

Enjoy your day… & just think about that stew pot… The lovely soup you could make from it. Mmmmm…


Keurig Clearance… I got One for $63.99

Hello frugal friends,

I got the heads up from a friend that their local Fred Meyer was having a clearance sale on some of their Keurig’s.  I of course couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see how cheap I could get one of these bad boys for.  I have always been amazed at the price people will pay for one of them, and even though I don’t drink coffee, I wanted to see what the price was.

So, into my local Freddie’s I go… walking with such an anticipation that I could get such a great deal.  What was the price this girl told me about you wonder?  Well, the original price was $159.99, marked down to $127.98.  Doesn’t seem like a great deal, right?  Well, here is what did make it a great deal… that price was an extra 50% off.. so it came to $63.99 plus tax.  For a brand new Keurig.  I found not one… not two… but three.

20140929_144850                20140929_144133

I know it seems excessive to buy three of these, and while normally I wouldn’t buy something to resell it, I am going to sell two of them and one is for my sister.  I haven’t checked the Tumwater store to see if they have any, but none in Lacey and none in Shelton.  So if you get a chance to swing by Tumwater, do it and see if you can find one.

I was pretty excited to find this deal, mostly because I don’t even think you will be able to get this for this price during Black Friday/Christmas sale time.  Enjoy this rainy, windy, lovely fall day everyone. Off to make some soup… not from a can.

Until next time,


Can YOU Get a Free Washer or Refrigerator From PSE?

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Are you a PSE customer?  Do you own your house?  Or know your landlord well enough that you could ask him/her if you could get new appliances for FREE in their property?  So here is the deal.

PSE has an offer going on currently where residents who qualify can get a new washer or refrigerator (YES, you can do both) if you meet a set of requirements.  When we bought our house it came with all working appliances so we saw no reason to buy new ones, when the ones we had worked just fine.  If you are a regular reader you already know that we bought a new dishwasher (it’s magic, I swear) and that we have a washer/dryer set being delivered next week (O.M.G.).  The one item we pretty much are refusing to purchase unless necessary is the refrigerator because we cannot upgrade in size or standards of what we would want if we had to spend our hard earned cash on it.  The space where our fridge is cannot be made bigger without taking out cabinets and counter space, and these are things I will not lose.  However, if you are asking if I will get a new one for free that is the same size, style, ect… then the answer is UHHH yes.

Do you want to find out if you qualify?  Here is the web address to find out:

I called today, found out my fridge is eligible (and basically we will be getting the same fridge, but almost 20 years newer), and that they can send someone out to verify it meets all the requirements on the 7th of October.  I am not sure how long from then I will have to wait for a new one, but considering how quick they could get me in, it doesn’t seem as if it would take TOO long.  And I mean hey, for a free, brand new, energy efficient refrigerator, I will wait however long they tell me, considering ours works just fine.

Sadly, even though my washer is old enough, we use natural gas so that eliminated it from being eligible  : ( Waaaah, but that’s okay because I really like the ones we got at Sears.  I mean, I would have taken the free one, I really would have, but I am okay with not getting it.

Moral of the story today, jump on this if possible.  You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get free appliances that are NEW, especially if yours are old, and you own your house (think resale value).  I will keep you updated on what happens with this.  GO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY!


10 Things You Should Only Buy at The Dollar Tree

While we all know that I am about saving money, I don’t like to just buy things because they are cheaply made and cheap in quality.  I want them to be of good quality or in some cases, will just get the job done.  Here is a list of things I think you should buy at no other place than the Dollar Tree.

1.  Balloons:    I would not recommend buying these from anywhere else in the world.  Seriously.  Why pay $3.99 for a Mylar balloon when you can spend $1 for the same thing.  They usually have a ton already blown up (at least at the one by my house), so you don’t have to find someone, wait for them to blow them up, & then cash out.  They last just as long and I don’t think there is such thing as “bad quality” Mylar balloon.

2.  Toothbrushes: I have been using the same toothbrushes for as long as I can remember.  When I first started buying my own toiletries, I still shopped at Target for all of these items, but then I started shopping at the Dollar Tree for them.  They sell Colgate toothbrushes (again, same brand I have ALWAYS used), typically in 2 packs for $1.  That is 50 cents a toothbrush.  The last round of toothbrushes I bought came with an extra one, so they cost 33 cents per toothbrush.  They run upwards of $6 at the big chain stores for three toothbrushes.  PS.  Don’t let them trick you into thinking that the toothpaste is a good deal, because it usually isn’t unless you have a manufacturers coupon and can get it for almost to completely free.

3.  Plastic Bags:  Have you checked the cost of Ziploc bags lately?  The unfortunate thing is that people are spending so much money on bags they use once, and then throw away.  While we try to use reusable tubs, keeping generic Ziploc bags are often useful for so many things.  You can get lunch bags, freezer bags, different sized plastic bags, and even brown lunch bags at a fraction of the cost.

4.  Napkins:  I think we can all agree that again, for something we use once, why pay an arm and a leg?  I buy 200 plus napkins for $1 here where I pay $3-$5 at the grocery store.

5.  Plastic Tupperware:  In my world, tupperware are like socks, sometimes you can find the matching set, and sometimes the dishwasher eats them.  I usually buy the 4 pack, which are a decent size and don’t spend an arm and a leg.  They have a wide variety of sizes, so you can decide for yourself what suits you best.

6.  Spray Bottles:  Seems silly, right?  How many spray bottles does one girl need?  But when you make your own cleaning supplies, you need a few.

7.  Cards:  My husband and I are not really card sending kind of people, but when I need a card there is no way in the universe that I am going to spend up to $6 on a card at the store, when I can 2/$1 here.  When Christmas time comes, it’s easy to buy a 10 pack here at the risk of it being in another holiday stack sent out to people.

8.  Gift Bags:  Again, have you seen the price of gift bags lately? Sheeeeeesh.  I don’t think I need to say more.  Variety, sizes, colors, ect.  Don’t be silly kids, save your money for the fun stuff.

9. Paper Plates:  Paper plates are paper plates.  You need them once, you toss them.  We don’t use them often, but for parties, we buy a stack of paper and then at least we can recycle them.

10.  Pregnancy Tests:  Okay, hold up.  I HAVE NEVER NEEDED TO BUY A PREGNANCY TEST.  But I’m just saying… even if you had to buy seven to convince yourself that you are or are not pregnant, you still have saved who knows how much.  I have seen what they cost elsewhere, and I find it absurd.

Do you have anything that you specifically buy from the Dollar Tree or dollar store?  Let me know.


$5 Leggings… FALL IS HERE!


You know fall is in the air when leggings go on sale.  Today only, you can go onto or shop in store and buy up to 8 pairs of leggings for $5 a pair.  This includes kids and adults sizes.

They have some really cute and different styles.  Boots are coming, the rain is here, and leggings are near.

Today Only. | LEGGINGS $5 | REG $9.94 - $12.50

I may be buying a few pairs of these because I love leggings, especially since you can dress them up or down.

If you are buying other items, you can use a 25% discount for adults and 15% off for kids online using code LEAF at checkout. They have some Halloween leggings in the $5 promo that would be fun for upcoming parties and what not.

Have fun with your shopping today… I don’t feel like leaving the house, the weather is too grey and perfect for staying on the couch, finding deals online, and studying for my PCAT’s.

JCP Savings $10 off $25

JCP is really into getting some business in their doors and because of that I get to shop there at a discounted price and share with you the coupons I get!  They have a $10 off $25 coupon out right now that is good from 9/24-9/28.

One day I will be techy enough to get you a link that doesn’t look like this (is that possible?).. but here is the link.

IN STORE ONLY - ENDS 9/28 $10 OFF* $25 OR MORE apparel, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry & home items or EXTRA 10% OFF* watches, furniture, mattresses and custom blinds & shades TO SAVE IN STORES, USE BARCODE PRINT COUPON

You actually have to go to the site and get the coupon, the picture above is not the coupon.  I think I will be heading there this weekend to see what I can muster up with this coupon.  Let me know if you get anything fantastic with this deal.



Hello fellow frugal friends,

I am always looking for a way to save on everything.  Usually Labor Day and Memorial Day are the best times to buy paint, however, this is such a great deal I thought I would share it with you.  Usually, when I look at paint, I go to Home Depot or Lowe’s.  I saw this deal for Sherwin-Williams that is good through today.. so if you want to get some paint, today is the day.


40% off paints and stains

30% off painting supplies

15% off select wallpapers

If I didn’t have to leave work work in an hour, I would be at Sherwin-Williams buying SO much paint.  I still have two bedrooms and a dining room to get on.  Typically, a good deal on paint is $5 off 1 gallon, but 40% trumps that for sure.  GO BUY PAINT.  And then come paint my house.   Please?

Have a good day guys & don’t forget tomorrow is Tavern Tuesday!


Where to Save on Clothes TODAY.

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Today is the day to shop (and watch SEAHAWKS).  Here are some promo codes for stores to shop online today.

GAP:  35% off.  Promo code: SPOT.  Good through Sunday, 9/21.

MACY’S: 20% off.  Promo code:  VIP.  Good through Sunday, 9/21.

KOHL’S:  20% off.  Promo code:  FABFAM20.  Good through Sunday, 9/21.

JCP:  25% off when you use your JCP card, 20% off with any other tender.  Promo code: VIPSAVE.  Good though 9/23.


You can use the JCP in store or on-line.  Here is the coupon you can print out to take to the store if you want.

OLD NAVY:  35% off when you use your O.N. card, 30% off with any other tender.  Promo code:  SWEET.  Good through Sunday, 9/21.

Enjoy your shopping & buy something for me.  I am spending the day writing flash cards for my PCAT’s (November 3rd… Say a few thoughts for me).


Cancel Your Cell Phone Plan

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I have been looking for many months on ways to cut down on our monthly expenses so that we can put more aside for my (hopefully) upcoming acceptance to pharmacy school.  We have managed to pay off the cars (YAY!), but we still want less in bills.I mean, we really don’t have that much, but the one that makes me most frustrated (besides Comcast’s RIDICULOUS prices) is my phone bill.  For two smart phones and unlimited everything, our bill is $161.  To me, that just seems insane.  How are two phone’s more than my winter electricity bill?

So, in the interest of saving all my money so that I can be rich one day…or at least just have more money.  So here is what I found on the idea of pay by the month plans:

STRAIGHT TALK:  30-Day plan.  Unlimited talk, text, & data for $45.  High speed data for first 3GB.  You can keep your number.  If your phone is GMS compatible, you may be able to take your phone with you.  No credit check.

VERIZON:  No activation fee.  No credit check.  Unlimited talk and text for $45.  500 MB included for data.

CHITCHAT:  Unlimited talk & text starting at $19.99.  If you prepay the first 3 months, your fourth month is free.  Plans start at $9.99 (250 minutes).  From what I can tell, they go through Sprint.  You can transfer your Sprint device over.

VIRGIN MOBILE:  $35 gets you unlimited data/messaging and 300 anytime minutes.  $45 gets you unlimited talk/text & 1,200 minutes.  $55 will get you unlimited everything.  Keep your phone number, but you will need to buy a phone.

CRICKET:  Basic plan gets you 1 GB @ high speed data & unlimited talk/text for $40/mo.  Make it 3GB of data for $50/mo.  Or, if you really need data, for $60/mo you can get 10GB of data.  To make this plan better, you can get $5 off a month if you sign up for auto pay, so these plans can start at $35.  If your phone is compatible (you can check online at, it’s $9.99 for a Cricket SIM card.  If you want NO data, and just unlimited talk/text you pay a solid $25/mo.  OH!, and you get a discount if you add more plans to your line.

T-MOBILE:  In my opinion, not comparable to any of these, so I won’t waste my typing skills telling you not to waste your money.  To find out how to spend TOO much money on a prepaid phone..go on

Anyways, I am still trying to figure out which one will be best for us… So I have not decided yet which to go to.  I am leaning towards Cricket or Verizon.  But those are just my personal thoughts.  Do you have a prepaid plan you  go through that isn’t on here?  Tell me about it!

Until next time,


20% off Kohl’s Coupon

Hey guys,

Here is a 20% off coupon you can print and use at Kohl’s now through Sunday, Sept 21st.


Go to this site to print out the coupon:

Don’t feel like heading into Kohl’s… Shop online using promo come YES2FAM.  If you spend more than $75 you qualify for free shipping.  Looks like you can use in conjunction with already reduced clearance prices, so don’t forget to do that if you find good stuff.