Month: August 2014

How I Saved $740 at JCP part 2

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

If you haven’t read the original post of where I saved $392 at JCPenny’s, go do it.  It will all make more sense on how I saved so much.  Today my sister and I went back and we wanted to find more things… I mean, when we were walking out with such screaming deals yesterday, it was hard to contain our excitement for another round of shopping.  

By quantity today, I would definitely save we got less stuff.  However, with that being said, we still got some super awesome stuff today.  We had to work a little harder today, but managed to find a few things at a very low cost to make us get right above the $10 mark.  Yesterday our lowest bill was $0.52 and today it was $0.50.  I am thoroughly impressed with our ability to make things happen.



Yesterday we didn’t seem to notice the stacks of clearance shoes they had.. or maybe we just assumed they wouldn’t have anything in our price range (as close to free as possible)… Uhh, this is what I get for second guessing myself.  Silly me.  All of this totaled up at $6.33 with a total savings of $348.  As you can see, this looks like less than my original trip, but I think we got some great stuff-

6- Pairs of shoes: 1 heels, 1 sandals, 4 regular shoes

3- Pairs of earrings (these were the extra $1.99 items we were using to get right above that $13.99 mark for FREE stuff)

1- bathing suit… I would just like to say that I actually found a MATCHING bathing suit in their clearance stack..only matching one there was, and it was in my size.

2- Kids tights/leggings

1- 3 pack socks for kids

1- Sweater

1- Long sleeve T


We started to kind of feel bad for over using the coupons, but hey, that’s what coupons are for right?  To bring me into the store, to get me shopping, and to hopefully get me to spend extra money… Well for a grand total of $15.32 for two days of shopping and everything we got, I am mighty happy.  I may even go back tomorrow before work just in case I missed something.  

If you haven’t had time to check it out, tomorrow is the last day for the coupon (be assertive, if they say no, you say yes).  Check out the clearance.  We managed to get a lot of stuff for this price.  I will be around this week making some stuff for the house…will keep you posted.

Until next time friends.



How I Saved $740 at JCP

Hello fellow frugal friends,

If you read my post earlier this week you saw I put up a JCPenny’s coupon up.  I found out today (because I know someone who knows someone) that the coupon may have been fraudulently made and may not be real.  That being said, some of my readers had a hard time getting the JCP employee’s to allow them to use the coupon.  If you have ever met myself or my oldest sister, we can be intimidating… nobody told us no!  We printed multiple copies of the coupon and went on Saturday (8/30) and today (8/31).  

We managed to make out like bandits.  We shopped wisely of course.  Their clearance was an additional 25% off, which is all we shopped from.  So we knew we needed out total clearance price to be $13.99, which would make our bill come out to less than a dollar after the discount and coupon were taken off.  On Saturday we spent $8.99 and saved $392.  We got so much stuff.

20140830_143222 (1) 20140830_143217 (1) 20140830_143207 

For $8.99 we got:

2- Men’s zip up hoodies

2- Toddler size shorts

1- Scarf

2- Sunglasses

1- Necklace

2- 5 pack socks

1- Black tank top

2- Pink t-shirts

2- Yellow (ish) long sleeve shirts

1- Work out shorts

1- Blue pair of workout leggings

1- Black shorts

1- Nail wraps package

This was done in eight transactions.  Obviously we came as close as possible to the $10 each time, but didn’t quite get there.  However, it was really the two glasses that cost us the most at almost $3 after discounts.  I would say this worked out well in our favor!  My sister kindly partnered up with me for this event so we could tag team and get more coupon-age (if that’s not a word.. it should be).

Because of how much stuff we got both deals I am making another post about today’s awesome finds… Please check them both out!  And if you head to Penney’s with the coupon, be assertive when you try to use it… it still says it’s good until 9/1.  



Kohl’s is Coming in Second Best…

Hello fellow frugal friends,

In addition to JCP’s fantastic deal, which is good until 9/1/14 (see my JCP Steal’s post), Kohl’s has a coupon for $10 off $25, with a printable coupon which is also good until 9/1.  While this deal isn’t quite as good as the one at Penney’s, you will still manage to save some good money, especially if you can get clearance items.  Here is the coupon site for your weekend, holiday shopping fun! –



Go shop away… If I find more deals this weekend, they will be on here for you!  Keep checking!  If you should find anything good, you can always let me know as well!!

Until the next deal,



JCP Steals… $10 off $10

Hello fellow frugal friends,

The weekend before school is here… and it’s also Labor Day weekend, do you know what that means?  SALES, SALES, SALES!  I was on Facebook, scrolling through, checking everything out, when I found a coupon for JCPenney’s.  I rarely use coupons, but this was a coupon too good to pass up!



Spend a minimum of $10 and get $10 off!  If you are as shopper savvy like I am, you would go in and try to spend as little as possible!  I didn’t get very much time to check out what was out there because I was on a time schedule, but I ended up with two pairs of cotton shorts for walking and a new sports bra.



My total was $11.32 and then I used my coupon and got $10 off, bringing my total to $1.32.  My total savings was $40.78.  I would say this deal is one worth sharing.  I am not sure if all of the clearance was an extra 25% off or just the clothes, but the clothes were an additional 25% off the pink ticketed price.  My sister also went shopping and while I don’t have a picture of what she got, I do have her receipts so you can see her savings as well.  She spent $10.01 in two separate transactions, with a total savings of $102.80!  She got all children’s clothes-  a 4 piece pajama set, a 3 piece pajama set, 2 pairs of pants, pair of shorts, and a tank top.  



I have since realized they took this coupon down from the site I found it on (FB: Money Saving Mom).  If you want to try to and print the photo from my post, go for it, but cut out the part where it shows it was a screen shot.  Anyways check it out and enjoy the sales!  

Until next time,

Help me (and you) get free product and healthy living reading material!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

On my conquest to save EVERYONE money and ultimately pay as little as possible for anything (free being best)… I have ran across a way to receive free product (such as ebooks and a necklace) by subscribing via email to The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  There is no cost to you to subscribe, and if you can get ten friends to sign up using your unique code, you can receive $1000 worth of ebooks and items for zero dollars.  While I typically don’t believe any of these things exist, I found this on a money saving blog that I follow pretty frequently (, in which she did all the investigating already to make sure this is legit.  

Let me just make this clear that you do not have to pay for anything by subscribing to their email.  But I am asking that you use my code so that I can receive this great offer. If ten people use my code, I will get this deal at no cost!  Once you have signed up, you can take your unique code and share it with your friends to try and also get the same deal!  

Here is my code:


9 Ways I Save on Groceries

Hello fellow frugal friends.

As a master shopper, I like to live by a few rules.  Here are my top 9 ways that I save on my grocery bill.

1.  Don’t buy soda or bottled water.  I know you think I am insane, but think about how much you spend to feed your caffeine addiction.  I used to spend around $2-$4 a day on soda.  Add that up through a month, that’s somewhere between $60-$120 a month on just soda.  If you add in bottled water the price gets even higher.  Think of this as a great time to kick your soda habit.  

2.  Check your circulars every week.  Check the circulars for each store, even if you don’t typically shop at that store.  I find some of the best deals and the most random stores that I don’t normally shop at.  This leads me to number 3.

3.  Don’t just shop at one store.  Many people think that the cost of gas will out way the idea of shopping at more than one store.  But if you live in a big town, there should be numerous stores within a couple miles of each other.  After you have checked out the circulars, buy the items that are on sale at each specific store.    For instance, I like to buy most of my produce from Top Foods (Haggen)  because I find that I can USUALLY get the best deal, and the best quality.  

4.  Buy less, shop more frequently.  Many people buy all their produce once a week and then end up tossing some of it because it goes bad before the next shopping trip.  Try breaking your shopping trips into multiple times a week, at least two times so that you can buy your produce and use it while it is as fresh as possible.  

5.  Make a list before you go.  Don’t go unprepared.  You need to write a list.  I am sure you have heard this a million times, but honestly… you will buy the Oreo’s and the Cheetos if you don’t make a list and stick to it.  

6.  Use coupons.  Seems crazy, right?  You can go to the Dollar Tree on Sunday and pick up the paper for a buck!  You can also find coupons online or you can do things like add Target’s cartwheel app and get extra discounts and percentages off your bill.

7.  Buy in bulk, only when it’s a good deal.  Buying in bulk isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  But check out the price per unit because sometimes buying things in smaller is better and sometimes buying in bulk is better.  Before I buy cheese for instance, I check the price per unit and sometimes it’s better to buy the small ones, but other times buying in bulk is best.

8.  Don’t buy name brand.  There is no reason you can’t buy Haggen brand milk instead of Dairygold.  Plenty of store brand items are just as good as name brands.  Sometimes it takes some taste testing but most of the time, if you like one generic brand item, you will like most of them.

9.  Buy what’s on sale.  I try not to buy anything that isn’t on sale… why would I?  This is why you use your circulars and coupons.  If it’s not on sale, it will be in a few weeks, and unless it is an essential (milk, eggs, ect.) don’t buy it.  It can wait.  Just like texting and driving.

Hope some of these help you!  I am sure you have read ways to save before, but these really work for me (as proven by all the great deals I find).

Until next time,


Where to Save on New Bedding.. $240 Savings!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

As fall approaches, many people like to change their bedding and house accessories.  My cutie baby niece has finally outgrown her baby crib and for her birthday got a new bed from grandma and grandpa!! What a lucky girl.  Well, with a new bed comes new bedding!  Where do you shop for a two year old who needs new bedding?  Macy’s of course!  I was surprised when my sister said that is where she wanted to go, but she made the right call. 

We started looking at bed in a bag combo’s because it comes with almost or everything you need, and for a two year works just fine!  I mean, we were at Macy’s so what kind of deal was I expecting?  We found a deal so much better than I could have ever imagined.  We ended up getting a bed in a bag for $17.99!!!!!  





So sorry for the poor photo quality, but this is a 6 piece set, which originally cost $260.00, was marked down to $39.99 with an additional discount (I believe 30%), and then because the Macy’s card was used, there was an additional 10% off!  This is almost a $250 savings!  They had tons of different styles and sizes for beds.  



They also have pillows at a great price as well- $8.99, with a savings of $11  Hit up your local Macy’s and check out what new bedding is in store for you!  If you find any great deals, let me know!


Enjoy yous shopping day!! : )

Until next time friends,


Some Days I Just Don’t Feel Like Being Frugal…

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I guess it’s hard to say “fellow” when my post is about not being frugal.  Here’s the thing… I spend day in, and day out watching pennies and dimes for no reason other than it’s fun to me.  We don’t need to.. we don’t have to, I just do.  It’s almost a game to me.  But occasionally I “splurge” on something that I really want!  A high school friend of mine started her own business called Lela and she makes homemade jewelry, scarves, head wraps, ect.  I love her stuff.  If it wasn’t for my overly frugal ways, I would have one of everything!  I finally caved… It’s almost time for regular season football to start (GO HAWKS!) and I decided I was going to go for it!  Go for what you ask? 

I bought a Seahawks rockabilly headband 🙂   Normally, I wouldn’t spend $16 on about anything, but this my friends, is most definitely worth it.  They have an elastic back so that they can fit more than one type of head and they are super comfortable.  I have worn it twice and received many compliments.  Help support a local business and check out her Facebook page, Lela or go to her Etsy page-  =)  She does amazing stuff that starts at premie sizes all the way to big heads like me ; )

Basically, through all frugal ways, some days you just need to buy yourself something you want, that you can afford, and release yourself from the guilt of buying something that is for pure enjoyment. 

Enjoy your Sunday friends,


Where to Shop for Back to School

Hello fellow frugal friends,

It’s that time of the year again… the dreaded back to school shopping.  When I was a kid, I was given a set limit of what I could spend and we went to the mall.  I got to pick what I wanted, and had I been smarter, I would have looked for deals.  So that you don’t have to do all the hard work, I’ve gone ahead and done it for you.  Here are some major places and what they have for back to school sales.


40% off all jeans
BOGO 50% off toddler & kids shoes
Free shipping on $50 or more
Accessories up to 70% off


Adult Jeans from $19
Kids Jeans from $10
Through 8/24 you can earn $10 for every $25 spent, $20 for every $50 spent, and $30 for every $75 spent
Tees: kids from $4, adults from $6
Free shipping after $50


35% off purchase if you use code YAY online
Free shipping on all orders over $50
Tops: Kids starting at $9, adults $12
Polos: from $9
Now through 9/1:  Earn cash back…spend $50, earn $25; spend $100, earn $50.. can be spent 9/10-9/14.
Sign up for their email and get a coupon for 25% off


Get 20% off your first order when you sign up to receive emails from AERO


40% off everything


All jeans under $30
ONLINE only:  take an additional 50% off clearance


Take an extra 20% off using online code LUCKYU
Select back to school items 25-60%
Back to school shoes start at $29.99


8/16 only- printable coupon for $10 off $25
Online only: $25 off $100 or $10 off $50 using code SUPRSAVN
20-50 % off backpacks
40-50% select kids active wear
30-50% select jeans for the family
Clearance is 50-70% off


All jeans, jackets, and boots: BOGO $10


Take an extra 15% off using code CARNIVAL (ends 17th)
Use your KOHLS card and you can get up to 30% off
10-15% off active wear
Free shipping with $75 purchase


Take an extra 50% off clearance

I hope this helps with getting what you need for yourself and/or the kiddos!  If you find any other clothes deals, feel free to let me know!  Hasta luego mi amigo’s!  Have a great time shopping.  

Until next time,


$75 Worth of Shoes… Guess How Much I spent?

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I know it has been a while, but this summer I just can’t seem to keep up!  How is it that I managed to have more time while going to school and studying all the time?  This much I do not know, but now that my vacationing is done, I will be shopping, studying for PCAT’s, and barely working, I will have plenty of time for you guys.

Today I went into Sears after a few weeks and managed to get the best deal humanly possible.  I purchased two pairs of shoes today.  The total worth was $75.  Before I tell you how much I spent on the shoes… you should guess, it will be more fun this way.  


These blue boots were originally $39.99.



These tan shoes were originally $34.99.

Have you made your guesses yet?  Well, I can assure you that you are not anywhere near the correct price.  Can I get a drum roll…???????  I paid ZERO dollars and ZERO cents.  Free. Completely free.  Not even tax.  Now the next thing on your mind is HOW in the world did I do this?  Let me tell you my ways…

How many times do I tell you all to sign up for stores rewards cards… Hmm?  Have you listened?  Well, if you haven’t signed up for Sears’ Show Your Way Rewards program, you really should. On the card there was a $20 off coupon for shoes.  I literally had to spend $20 on shoes to get $20 off.  The shoes were on sale, and totaled to $28, so after the $20 off, they were $8, but then I had enough “points” on my card to complete the rest of the transaction.  And this my friends, is why you must sign up for rewards programs.  Why would you not want to get free stuff? 

Anyways, thought I would share with you what I found to be such a great deal 🙂  By great deal, I mean AMAZING. SUPERB, and PHENOMENAL.  

I’m hoping to have a back to school post for clothes up this week… so be on the lookout.

Until next time friends,