“Dads and Grads”… Where to go and What to Get Them!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Sorry for a delay in posting… I have been busy getting my house polished off for my college graduation party last night 🙂  WAY TO GO ME!  It was full of fun, but now life is moving on.. and there are deals to find!

Tomorrow is the last day that Goodwill is having their 50% off book days.  Busy?  Make a few minutes of time to stop and check it out.  Paper back books are only $1.00.  Now, you could find cheaper books at a garage sale, however, you will have a better selection by checking out the GW.  They have a great selection and I often can find what I am looking for.

Now, for Dad’s and Grad’s weekend….

At The Ram you can purchase a $50 gift card and receive a $10 gift card.  If you have plans to take either out, this could save you a few bucks.

Now until tomorrow, Buffalo Wild Wings is also doing a gift card promotion, where if you buy $30, they will give you $5.

Rite Aid is doing a deal right now online where you can get 50% off kids toys and they have fans, chairs, and coolers for $19.99.  They also have a promo code for 25% off your order of $35 or more.  The code is 25WITHFS.

Walgreen’s has photo deals right now-  Purchase 50 or more photo’s and they will be .10 a photo.  Surprise dad or grad with a photo album =)

Snap Fish has photo book deals going on right now.  60% off if you buy 2 or more using code JBKS60 OR you can get 50% off when you purchase 1 using code JBKS50.

Sears is having a “dad’s” sale this weekend… Tools can be up to 50% off. & Kenmore appliances are up to 30% off!


These are just some good things out there… But, you know dad’s and grad’s just want a little acknowledgment.  So even if you can’t afford something, at least give them some time!


I’ll be doing some frugal life shopping on Monday & I will let you know what I find… Also, I will be starting on my top 10 DIY’s that I want to try next week. 

Until next time…



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