Haggen Deals Today… What I got for $10.04!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

Yesterday, for the first time ever, my nephew spent the night with me.  We got to watch a movie, enjoy some ice cream, do a puzzle, and even managed to get some cuddle time in.  After I dropped him off this morning, it meant that I was already half way to Haggen (Top Foods).  So, my brain told me that I just HAD to go.  It is unfortunate that the one closer to my house closed down, because it is a 20-25 minute drive from my house to get there, so it’s only fun to go if I find good stuff!

I didn’t spend too much time in there, as I think I may have gotten there just a tad early for the mark down crew to come through, but that’s okay, I still managed to get some good deals.  Here’s what I got…


photo 5 (1)


I managed to get (2) 20 oz packages of taco seasoned ground turkey @ $1.49 a pack.  The Raisin Bran was marked down to $1.69-sold.  A pack of Trojan condoms (12 ct) for $2.79, dog bones for $1.59 and some vitamins for .99.


Some people get freaked out when I show pictures of feminine hygiene products or forms of birth control, but guess what, it’s part of life.  I believe in safe sex.  If I can tell you where to find a good deal on condoms to prevent one less unwanted pregnancy- I ask you to politely get over it.


They had some other deals to check out too!  Any bacon lovers?  Oscar Meyer had their bacon on sale for $5.99.  If you can get a pack with the $2 off sticker, it makes them $3.99 a piece.  Next to the price tag is a coupon for buy 2, get $1 off.  So you could get this bacon as low as $3.50.

photo 4 (1)



Also, for any rib lovin’ folks with little time on their hands, but a hankering need for ribs….  Lloyds Ribs are on sale for $6.99 for 1.5 lbs.  Many of them have a $1 markdown sticker on them, so you could get these for as low as $5.99!  I’ve never tried this brand of ribs, so if someone has a YAY or NAY on them, let me know!

photo 1 (5)


Next, and above all else.  I know it is allergy season.  As a non-seasonal allergy holder, I feel great and need no medication to make it through these lovely pollen infested spring days… My husband on the other hand- YIKES.  Mowing the lawn causes him to feel like death and he is only out there for an hour.  Poor guy.  Allergy meds are plentiful at Tops… with many marked down to .99 a box.

photo 3 (3)


One was a generic of Tylenol, one was for Allegra, and one was for Tavist.  Quantities varied, but there was plenty!


Enjoy your afternoon, this drizzle and cool weather is making not want to clean my house… But,

Until next time,





  1. Those really are some great deals, but one personal health suggestion I have to make:

    I worked at Lovers for 2 years, and one thing that we will all tell you is that none of us recommend spermicidal condoms. The spermicides wear down the latex of the condom, making them more likely to break. Any spermicidal lubricant will do that, really. They are no more effective than the good ol’ fashioned kind. In fact, I would recommend Skyn by Lifestyle. They’re a non-latex alternative. Also, some natural water-based lubricants will help with any “friction issues” and will make the condoms even more effective. I always recommended these two:

    For more sensitive folks- http://www.pjurusa.com/Med_Personal_Care_Water_based_Personal_Lube_p/pmr04041.htm
    Just water based- http://www.pjurusa.com/Med_Water_based_Personal_Lube_p/pmn04041.htm

    Not to get all up close and personal in your business, just giving some friendly advice from the sex store ladies. 🙂

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