Cancel Your Cell Phone Plan

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I have been looking for many months on ways to cut down on our monthly expenses so that we can put more aside for my (hopefully) upcoming acceptance to pharmacy school.  We have managed to pay off the cars (YAY!), but we still want less in bills.I mean, we really don’t have that much, but the one that makes me most frustrated (besides Comcast’s RIDICULOUS prices) is my phone bill.  For two smart phones and unlimited everything, our bill is $161.  To me, that just seems insane.  How are two phone’s more than my winter electricity bill?

So, in the interest of saving all my money so that I can be rich one day…or at least just have more money.  So here is what I found on the idea of pay by the month plans:

STRAIGHT TALK:  30-Day plan.  Unlimited talk, text, & data for $45.  High speed data for first 3GB.  You can keep your number.  If your phone is GMS compatible, you may be able to take your phone with you.  No credit check.

VERIZON:  No activation fee.  No credit check.  Unlimited talk and text for $45.  500 MB included for data.

CHITCHAT:  Unlimited talk & text starting at $19.99.  If you prepay the first 3 months, your fourth month is free.  Plans start at $9.99 (250 minutes).  From what I can tell, they go through Sprint.  You can transfer your Sprint device over.

VIRGIN MOBILE:  $35 gets you unlimited data/messaging and 300 anytime minutes.  $45 gets you unlimited talk/text & 1,200 minutes.  $55 will get you unlimited everything.  Keep your phone number, but you will need to buy a phone.

CRICKET:  Basic plan gets you 1 GB @ high speed data & unlimited talk/text for $40/mo.  Make it 3GB of data for $50/mo.  Or, if you really need data, for $60/mo you can get 10GB of data.  To make this plan better, you can get $5 off a month if you sign up for auto pay, so these plans can start at $35.  If your phone is compatible (you can check online at, it’s $9.99 for a Cricket SIM card.  If you want NO data, and just unlimited talk/text you pay a solid $25/mo.  OH!, and you get a discount if you add more plans to your line.

T-MOBILE:  In my opinion, not comparable to any of these, so I won’t waste my typing skills telling you not to waste your money.  To find out how to spend TOO much money on a prepaid phone..go on

Anyways, I am still trying to figure out which one will be best for us… So I have not decided yet which to go to.  I am leaning towards Cricket or Verizon.  But those are just my personal thoughts.  Do you have a prepaid plan you  go through that isn’t on here?  Tell me about it!

Until next time,


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