Jamberry- Are They Worth It?

Hello frugal friends,

I am going to be MIA for the next two weeks cramming away for my PCAT’s, but I wanted to let you know how my Jamberry vinyl nail wraps experience was that I tried a week back.  You will be quite pleased to hear that I was actually impressed with them!  I received a sample from a gal I know, and being the skeptic I am, put these things through the ringer to see how they would hold up.

I hope you think I have pretty hands, because you are about to be checking them out 🙂

Day 1:  First done.  My index and middle finger have Jamberry vinyl wraps on them, while the other three have basic black nail polish.  Yes, it looks like my nails were painted by a three year old..something that is awesome about the wraps… they don’t look like a three year old did them.


Day 2:  Already have chipping on my painted nails.  I was pretty sure when I went to work on this night that the Jam’s wouldn’t make it through my dishwashing, bartending, cleaning rendezvous.


Day 3:  Well, they made it through my shift at work… LITERALLY, I was surprised… and impressed.  Nail polish has chipped a little more.  With my high anxiety levels lately, my actual nails have been really frail and brittle (possibly from nervous biting habits) so I was expecting the Jams to start lifting at the edge of my nail.


Day 4:  I think due to some first time user errors (which is reasonable for doing something the first time) I had some bubbling at the start of my nail, but they still looked great and you could hardly notice- hence you not being able to tell in this picture.  Think- I could have LIED to you.


Oooops… missed day 5, but they were still holding on strong.

Day 6:  You can see on my index finger that a little piece is missing… I got really nervous and starting chewing my nails… and then realized what I was doing.. I can’t really blame the Jam’s for my inability to not bite when I’m nervous/anxious.  My nail polish is actually holding up better than normal- don’t ask why, this is a fluke.


Day 7: With a first time trying something, a lack of perfection occurs-usually on the users end rather than the products.  I kept playing with them… I wanted to know if they were really holding up… I had to file down a little piece on both fingers because I was playing with them.  But they are looking better than my other nails (and if you could see my left hand…holy jeebus, the paint is barely there).


Now here is the thing.. I could have kept these on until they fell off or I had to remove them, but I wanted to be able to tell you what they did to my nails.  We all know if you wear red polish to long it can turn your nails yellow or that acrylic nails can take off layers of your nail.  I wanted to know, so I peeled them off.  Cautiously, I started at one “corner” and just kind of slowly peeled.  I was so surprised that it didn’t leave some of the vinyl wrap or that it didn’t take some of my nail with it.  They were by no means about to come off, lifting, peeling, or anything… They were in great shape; but for the purposes of this post they had to come off.

So I can for sure tell you a few things about Jamberry nail wraps..

A.  They work- they definitely lasted longer than my nail polish (again, you should really see my hands right now).

B.  For the cost, I would probably do it again.

C.  I am not impressed easily, but these are pretty cool.

and most importantly are D & E…

D.  They are fairly easy to apply.  Probably like me, you will have to try once to get the idea of it, but from there, you are golden to do a simple application.

E.  There is no need to ever go get a manicure again.  Buy some Jam’s… try them out.  The initial $15 or so that you spend, is equivalent to getting one manicure (maybe cheaper, I don’t know)- except you get numerous uses out of your sheet.

Friends, I can officially give you my blessing to spend money on these.  Especially if you are a frequent flyer at the nail salon.  Now, are these going to stop me from getting a pedicure two or three times a year?  No, nothing will.  But my nails can still look great when I don’t have so much extra time to paint them once a week.

Want to order some?  Here is a link to the gals site:


I really hope you get a chance to try some- they have hundreds on different styles to order from (Huskies, Cougs, Football, regular colors, ect.) which lets you customize to your liking.

**Just so you know, I am not receiving anything other than the original wraps to try so these opinions are mine and mine alone.

Now that you know I am alive, well, and loved my Jamberry experience I must continue with my painfully boring studies 😦

Until next time,


One comment

  1. Pro tip! Use a top coat! I thought it was weird to do on the wraps but it made mine hold even longer! I am obsessed with Jamberry wraps and lacquers.

    Also I love being able to have a pretty accent nail and then just paint the rest with polish or lacquer. Helps stretch your $15 even more.

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