For the Love of Trashy Magazines…

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Are you a trashy magazine lover?  I used to be, but I am far too frugal and cheap to purchase magazines at the store because they are $5 or something crazy like that.  I don’t find all my deals by myself… I have to go searching for many of the things that I find. Sometimes I check out Target for their deals or have emails sent to me from Petco to let me in on when their next sale is and what it is. OTHER times, I use other frugal saving sites to check out where and when deals are happening.  I have a few specific sites I check out regularly and last week Queen Bee Coupons had a deal for OK! magazine.  I unfortunately was 5 minutes late for the deal.  Today it came back!



I purchased a 3 year subscription for $29.99 (0.29 an issue).  The original cost from their site is $179.85!  This is for 156 issues.  The cover price from the stores would be around $500!!!  This is quite the savings.  If you want this deal, use QUEENBEE as the coupon code.

You can also get 1 year @ $14.99 or 2 year @ $24.99.  Offer expires at 9 pm Pacific time today (6/17).    Thanks QUEEN BEE COUPONS!

Check her site out if you get a chance  She is a great source!


Enjoy your day.. Buy a trashy mag!



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