10 Things You Should Only Buy at The Dollar Tree

While we all know that I am about saving money, I don’t like to just buy things because they are cheaply made and cheap in quality.  I want them to be of good quality or in some cases, will just get the job done.  Here is a list of things I think you should buy at no other place than the Dollar Tree.

1.  Balloons:    I would not recommend buying these from anywhere else in the world.  Seriously.  Why pay $3.99 for a Mylar balloon when you can spend $1 for the same thing.  They usually have a ton already blown up (at least at the one by my house), so you don’t have to find someone, wait for them to blow them up, & then cash out.  They last just as long and I don’t think there is such thing as “bad quality” Mylar balloon.

2.  Toothbrushes: I have been using the same toothbrushes for as long as I can remember.  When I first started buying my own toiletries, I still shopped at Target for all of these items, but then I started shopping at the Dollar Tree for them.  They sell Colgate toothbrushes (again, same brand I have ALWAYS used), typically in 2 packs for $1.  That is 50 cents a toothbrush.  The last round of toothbrushes I bought came with an extra one, so they cost 33 cents per toothbrush.  They run upwards of $6 at the big chain stores for three toothbrushes.  PS.  Don’t let them trick you into thinking that the toothpaste is a good deal, because it usually isn’t unless you have a manufacturers coupon and can get it for almost to completely free.

3.  Plastic Bags:  Have you checked the cost of Ziploc bags lately?  The unfortunate thing is that people are spending so much money on bags they use once, and then throw away.  While we try to use reusable tubs, keeping generic Ziploc bags are often useful for so many things.  You can get lunch bags, freezer bags, different sized plastic bags, and even brown lunch bags at a fraction of the cost.

4.  Napkins:  I think we can all agree that again, for something we use once, why pay an arm and a leg?  I buy 200 plus napkins for $1 here where I pay $3-$5 at the grocery store.

5.  Plastic Tupperware:  In my world, tupperware are like socks, sometimes you can find the matching set, and sometimes the dishwasher eats them.  I usually buy the 4 pack, which are a decent size and don’t spend an arm and a leg.  They have a wide variety of sizes, so you can decide for yourself what suits you best.

6.  Spray Bottles:  Seems silly, right?  How many spray bottles does one girl need?  But when you make your own cleaning supplies, you need a few.

7.  Cards:  My husband and I are not really card sending kind of people, but when I need a card there is no way in the universe that I am going to spend up to $6 on a card at the store, when I can 2/$1 here.  When Christmas time comes, it’s easy to buy a 10 pack here at the risk of it being in another holiday stack sent out to people.

8.  Gift Bags:  Again, have you seen the price of gift bags lately? Sheeeeeesh.  I don’t think I need to say more.  Variety, sizes, colors, ect.  Don’t be silly kids, save your money for the fun stuff.

9. Paper Plates:  Paper plates are paper plates.  You need them once, you toss them.  We don’t use them often, but for parties, we buy a stack of paper and then at least we can recycle them.

10.  Pregnancy Tests:  Okay, hold up.  I HAVE NEVER NEEDED TO BUY A PREGNANCY TEST.  But I’m just saying… even if you had to buy seven to convince yourself that you are or are not pregnant, you still have saved who knows how much.  I have seen what they cost elsewhere, and I find it absurd.

Do you have anything that you specifically buy from the Dollar Tree or dollar store?  Let me know.



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