$5 Leggings… FALL IS HERE!


You know fall is in the air when leggings go on sale.  Today only, you can go onto http://www.oldnavy.com or shop in store and buy up to 8 pairs of leggings for $5 a pair.  This includes kids and adults sizes.

They have some really cute and different styles.  Boots are coming, the rain is here, and leggings are near.

Today Only. | LEGGINGS $5 | REG $9.94 - $12.50

I may be buying a few pairs of these because I love leggings, especially since you can dress them up or down.

If you are buying other items, you can use a 25% discount for adults and 15% off for kids online using code LEAF at checkout. They have some Halloween leggings in the $5 promo that would be fun for upcoming parties and what not.

Have fun with your shopping today… I don’t feel like leaving the house, the weather is too grey and perfect for staying on the couch, finding deals online, and studying for my PCAT’s.


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