Can YOU Get a Free Washer or Refrigerator From PSE?

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Are you a PSE customer?  Do you own your house?  Or know your landlord well enough that you could ask him/her if you could get new appliances for FREE in their property?  So here is the deal.

PSE has an offer going on currently where residents who qualify can get a new washer or refrigerator (YES, you can do both) if you meet a set of requirements.  When we bought our house it came with all working appliances so we saw no reason to buy new ones, when the ones we had worked just fine.  If you are a regular reader you already know that we bought a new dishwasher (it’s magic, I swear) and that we have a washer/dryer set being delivered next week (O.M.G.).  The one item we pretty much are refusing to purchase unless necessary is the refrigerator because we cannot upgrade in size or standards of what we would want if we had to spend our hard earned cash on it.  The space where our fridge is cannot be made bigger without taking out cabinets and counter space, and these are things I will not lose.  However, if you are asking if I will get a new one for free that is the same size, style, ect… then the answer is UHHH yes.

Do you want to find out if you qualify?  Here is the web address to find out:

I called today, found out my fridge is eligible (and basically we will be getting the same fridge, but almost 20 years newer), and that they can send someone out to verify it meets all the requirements on the 7th of October.  I am not sure how long from then I will have to wait for a new one, but considering how quick they could get me in, it doesn’t seem as if it would take TOO long.  And I mean hey, for a free, brand new, energy efficient refrigerator, I will wait however long they tell me, considering ours works just fine.

Sadly, even though my washer is old enough, we use natural gas so that eliminated it from being eligible  : ( Waaaah, but that’s okay because I really like the ones we got at Sears.  I mean, I would have taken the free one, I really would have, but I am okay with not getting it.

Moral of the story today, jump on this if possible.  You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get free appliances that are NEW, especially if yours are old, and you own your house (think resale value).  I will keep you updated on what happens with this.  GO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY!



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