How I’m going to save $70 a year on Bronzer…

Hello fellow frugal friends.

I hope your enjoyed this beautiful weekend.  Mine was primarily spent doing homework and studying for an upcoming exam.  I did have a spare five minutes to hit up the grocery store and promptly return home with enough time to make my own face bronzer!!  That’s right ladies… and it took me about five minutes to get the shading right.  This project (if you can even call it that) took a total of ten minutes, if you include time it took me at the store to find it! On top of that, it was probably the easiest DIY I have ever done!

Now, depending on what kind of make up you wear, savings could be minimal or you could save like me… about $70 a year.  Now, anyone who knows me, or reads my posts knows I am the most frugal person in the world!  There is one thing I will spend my money on.  Estee Lauder Matte Bronzer.  I have been using this since I was sixteen and spending all my nights at my friends house!  I usually buy two a year at $35 a piece.  I know…astonishing.  In addition to that, I usually buy a cheap drug store bronzer that I put on my cheeks… so probably almost a $90 a year if you include that.

This DIY recipe calls for three ingredients, two of which are common household items and you may already have.  The total cost of making my own bronzer was $3.29 (because I had to buy the third item) and I imagine it will be at least two years before I have to buy more stuff for it.


Here what you will need:

-A container that stores air tight (mine was from the Dollar Tree and I already had it)

-A spoon


-Cocoa powder




Now, unfortunately, because everyone has their own shade of skin and I myself am about as white as a ghost… All I can give you is the way I made the bronzer, but not actual measurements.

First, I put in about 1.5 teaspoons of cinnamon.  Then I added a spoon full of cocoa powder.  It looked REALLY dark, and the whole me being REALLY white thing, made me think I should then add a decent amount of arrowroot.  WRONG.  Personally, I feel like as a finished product it looks a lot darker in the container than on my face, which is fine since I can adjust this at any time!  Then I just played around with the amounts and used my hand as a template for sampling.  When I found the right mixture for me… I went to the bathroom and put it on!

LOVE.  IT.  I will not be buying bronzer for many years to come I am sure of it.  Why waste the money?  I would approximate the cost to be about fifty cents or less to make and will last me about six months if I had to guess based on how much I have.


Here is the finished product!  It doesn’t look like there is much in there, but I promise there is!  One major bonus is that it doesn’t have that “make up” smell (know what I’m talking about, or am I nuts?)… It smells tasty 🙂   While I wish I could take all the credit for this brilliant idea, my friend Jennifer actually told me about it.  I saw it on her a few weeks ago and her skin looks amazing!  Doesn’t look “caked” with make up or anything.  She had a great glow without looking like she had even put anything on her face (I mean, anyone who knows Jen, she’s BEAUTIFUL without make up on).


Take a few minutes to relax, get these ingredients together and go make your own bronzer.  Spend your money on other important things, especially from local people… If you get a chance, go check out the Lela clothing page on Facebook!  This girl rocks at making home made accessories, and with all the money you will save on this new bronzer can go towards a new scarf or something! 🙂


Hope you enjoy!  Until next time…



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