Make-up Steals of the Day… Maybelline

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I know I have said this before, but man oh man do I love Top Foods (Haggen)!  I always come to find the best deal from this place and they are not always groceries.   Today I went in for a de-stress post exam shopping trip.   I was taking my sweet time, checking all my favorite spots… When I came across MAKE-UP markdowns.  WHAAAAT!  I know  that I just posted about making your own bronzer, but all their  Maybelline clearance make-up was marked down to $1.00.  (Who turns that down?)



What I ended up with was three bottles of foundation, three eye shadows, and some all day stay lip stick (not pictured).  I went over to Rite-Aid today to do a price check on what these would normally run.  They didn’t have any of the exact products, but the cheapest foundation they had was $7.49, which makes the savings $6.49.  Uhh, yes please!  The eye shadows ran about $4-5, so they savings were upwards of $4!  I forget to check on the lip stick, but I can only imagine the savings to be similar to the eye shadow.

Colors options:

-Eye shadow:  Teal, purple, green duo (light/dark), Medium & dark brown, greyish blue, and light brown, black.

-All day lip wear:  pink or red


Some things I didn’t buy, but that they had were:

-Eyebrow liner

-Eye liner: Bronze gleam, light brown, and sapphire glimmer

-Lip stick tubes (regular, not all day):  pinks

-Lip volumizer


All of these were $1 per product, and if you happen to have any Maybelline coupons, you could potentially get these items for free!  They often put coupons for these products in the Sunday paper, so if you have enough extra time to swing by the Dollar Tree first to check the paper out, you may be able to get a better bang for your buck!  These items were in the mark down section, and supplies were limited.  However, there were plenty of options when I left this afternoon, so I imagine you could score on this deal if you went in the next few days.


Happy shopping friends… Until next time!



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