How to Shop at Little to no Cost Using Savings Cards!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

You know all those annoying cards that stores and restaurants make you get, so you can get “good deals”… Well, while I don’t really partake in too many of those, I do have a Sears “Shop Your Way” rewards card.  It is similar to any one of the other million savings cards out there.   You spend $250, you get something like $2.50 put on your card that you can spend on a future visit.  In addition to that, Sears (who is affiliated with Kmart) often sends out e-mails with “surprise” points that you can spend on a purchase.  Sometimes you have to spend a certain amount to use the points, and sometimes the points are there and you may use them as you in wish.

Today I realized I was wasting free money every time I tossed the e-mails from Sears!  I got yet ANOTHER e-mail from them saying, “Surprise!  You have free points to spend on-line!”… and I thought to myself, what the heck can I buy with this?  But then, being the deal finder I am, I went on to look and see what I could get with the points I had.   As it turns out, I had enough to get a cute summer dress at NO cost.  FREE.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nada.  That’s right… Free kids.  Who wouldn’t spend the time to look at see what they could get for free?  They had the option of delivery (for six or seven bucks) or in-store pick-up for free… Can you guess which I chose?  The bonus is, that when it gets to the store for me to pick up, I can make my mom snag it so that I don’t have to rush to get it!

Now for the kind of bummer, but not so much.  I personally never shopped at Kmart until they were going out of business in the Lacey area.  I then proceeded to go the last few days and score a bunch of killer deals!  When I got my free points from Sears, they also sent me some for Kmart… Uhh, heck yes.  So what did I get you ask?  Well, of course shoes!  I ended up paying $7 (and some change maybe) for a pair of new boots (for my sister, aren’t I nice?) and a pair of new sandals for summer.  The shoes themselves were free, but because we don’t have a store in Lacey anymore, I had to pay shipping.  This was the bummer.  I could have had free in-store pick up for these as well, in which case they would have been free.  If you have a Kmart near you and can pick up, do it!  I am sure it would cost less than the $7 I am paying in shipping.

I guess what I really want you to get out of this, is to figure out which “savings cards” are worth it for you.  I find that having twenty plus cards is worthless.  I don’t use most of them enough to reap the benefits, but with the Sears Shop Your Way rewards card, it sends me “free points” regularly, regardless of when the last time I shopped there was.  I have actually been looking into club card type stuff, to see what each place will do for me.  Mainly I am doing this because if the savings over time are minimal, I probably don’t shop there enough, and the card won’t be worth it.


Well, off to do more homework 🙂  Just an FYI, I ordered my shoes an hour ago, and they have already been shipped…how is that even possible?….Update:  Now my Sears order has also shipped!  AMAZING!!!


Happy shopping friends.



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