Ladies & Gents…Sears has done it again!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

I will soon be leaving for a week long class field trip, so in the mean time, I want to be able to get as many deals as possible to you!  It just so happens that Sears has managed to catch my eye for the last month or so and will no be on my weekly radar.  Each time I go in there, they have the best marked down clothes and accessories one could ask for.  If there is one thing I never think you should pay full price for, it is definitely clothing.  So check out what Sears is up to:


A few weeks ago I told you all that they had their winter clearance marked down to $3.99….well, that price has been hacked…AGAIN!  All winter clearance that was $3.99 is now….. (can I get a drum roll, please?)


WHAT!   How is this even possible you ask?  I don’t know, but it isn’t a mistake.  I managed to get over $400 worth of merchandise for around $28 bucks.  They had these prices in men’s, women’s, kids/babies, and teens, so it’s a one stop shop for a clearance madness!  Don’t forget to use the Sear’s shop your way rewards card because a) that is how I got my free dress (which I wore today), and b) even though you aren’t spending a ton of money with these $1.99 clearance items, the dollar amount adds up and you can use those points on future purchases.  I used mine up to get my dress but I have about $1 on there, from my last few trips.

Here are the goods:




All of these items above were $1.99 ^^ Whoop whoop!   Who says no to that?  This is an approved deal of the day by me!  Here is what is all in this stack:

Women’s dress (red stripes): Originally $50

Boys sweatshirts (7x): Originally $38

Cream & Grey sweaters: Originally $10

Olive with heart sweaters (2x):  Originally $38

LEGGINGS!!!! (2x):  Originally $9.  I am most excited about these, because they are not cotton ones:)


 In addition to clothing, they also had slippers on clearance.  The fuzzy ones on top, which are actually bright pink but the light was bad, are also $1.99!  With Angry Birds being so in right now, for $3.49 they sure would make your kid happy!  The marker for the AB slippers was incorrectly priced, but I checked on the machine and they rang up at $3.49 =)

 Image Image



Now as far as a few posts ago, when I talked about their shoe clearance, that is also still going very strong.  Currently you get 30% off your first pair of clearance shoes, but if you buy a second pair of clearance shoes you get 50% off those one!  Some of the kids shoes were marked as low as $4.99 before the 30% off, so you could walk out of there with two sets of shoes, and not even spend ten bucks!  

And lastly, the one thing I have yet to talk about, and I am not sure why, is that they have clearance jewelry going on right now… What does that entail you are wondering?  Well, discounts start at 70% and work up to 90% off.  I saw a pair of beautiful hoop earring marked originally at $699.99, with a red clearance ticket telling me that they were 90% off…. I think you can do the math on that one:)  You would be paying 10% of the original cost!  If you have some spare money hanging around, these are things you can buy and resell for a higher cost!  I don’t do this often, but it something to think about.

Get there fast because at $1.99 you can’t expect these clothes to last forever!


Happy shopping friends…Until next time,




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