A few different ways to save today… Photo’s, food, and more!

Hey there fellow frugal shoppers,

Since I will be gone all next week, I am trying to get as many good deals in for you as possible, so that you have enough to do while I’m away!  Today isn’t just about one place or thing, but a few different things.  Let’s start with my favorite… the grocery store.  Now, if you are still under the impression that Top Foods (Haggen) is the most expensive store in town, please let this post help change that horrible misconception.  I scored like a bandit today.. Here’s what I got:


Now, while I tend to be the person who stocks up because of a great price, I don’t think Kevin will go through 13 sticks of deodorant in the next five years.  That being said, at 0.59 a stick, I will be looking for a donation site for toiletries that I can send some of these off to.  Don’t worry, I left about 20 plus more sticks there so that anyone else in need of some D.O for their B.O. wouldn’t feel left out.  The Herbal Essence 2 in 1 was marked down to 0.99 a bottle, so I picked up a few of those since Kevin still uses shampoo.  I am hoping one day to convert him to ACV and baking soda like me, but for now, he just isn’t quite there.  I also left more there for any other fellow readers who wanted to get in on this price.  The juice which is normally around $3, was marked down to $1.69 as was the cereal.  Lastly, what were at least $10 mittens and gloves, were now marked at 0.99 each, so I snagged those up for this years upcoming fantastic weather!  All of this cost me $22.  I don’t know what the original cost would have been, but I can safely assume that the hat and mittens alone would have cost that if these were all marked at a normal price.


In other news, with one season ending, and the other beginning, it probably means that you have photos you need to get off your camera and made tangible.  Well, I received an email from Walgreen’s with their latest “best” deal on photos at 0.10 4×6 photos when you order 50+ using the code PERFECT10.  I thought this was a marvelous deal since Costco charges 0.13 unless you order 500+ (in which case they can’t promise an hour, and they charge 0.10).  But then I learned that you could get 30 4×6 photos from Rite Aid for $3.99 making them about 0.08 per photo using code PRINT399.  Keep these deals in mind for Mother’s Day as it is only a few weeks away, and a scrapbook or photo album of all their little favorites would be loved I am sure!


The next best thing in my world is post holiday candy discounts 🙂  The winner so far… Rite Aid at 50% off their original marked prices…   This didn’t just include candy, but all of the Easter style toys or what not that they have.  For instance, a six piece chalk that was in their Easter collection was marked down to 0.75.  They still had a great candy selection as well.

Top Foods barely had their candy marked down, so I won’t be buying any from them.  They don’t seem to quite get it like Rite Aid does… Mark it down, I make it disappear ; )  

Target had candy marked down to 30% off and things like the egg kits at 50% off… I would stick with Rite Aid personally.


Well friends, I hope this gives you some places to check out and some things to get at great prices this week!   I am sure you will hear from me again before I leave on Monday for the week.


Until next time,





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