Why Use Shampoo When You Can Use What You Already have?

In February of this year I made a decision not to buy anymore shampoo and conditioner.  No, I don’t want dread’s.. I just hated paying the price for these “essentials” and they have so many crazy chemicals that it seems ridiculous we would be okay with putting it all over our body (Yes, it doesn’t just go on your head…).  I had not needed to purchase shampoo/conditioner in about two years as I had stocked up from Albertsons going out of business and decided to give the “No more shampoo” theory a try.

It’s a simple task that involves a few extra steps when you go to wash your hair, but for me it ended up being more convenient due to the fact I went from washing my hair about every 4-6 days to 7-10 days.  Seems crazy, right?  Well, you have to train your hair in order to not wash it every day and it takes time… But not washing my hair as often saves me so much extra time, that the extra two minutes to get ready for a wash is worth it.

All you need are two ingredients:

-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Baking Soda

…and a couple of cups (I use solo cups so that I don’t keep my good cups in the bathroom)


Image       Image 


In order to get the best results, I played around with how much of each of these ingredients I used.  

I use about 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, diluted with enough water to make it slightly more liquid than a paste.  I pour it on my scalp and rub it in.  I promptly rinse it out and then add about 1.5 oz ACV with the rest of the solo cup filled to the top with hot water to my head.  If your ends feel dry, feel free to dip them into the ACV mix before pouring on your head.  I let it sit for just a minute and rinse like normal.  Do be careful… if you don’t scrub your scalp when you are rinsing the baking soda, you could get what seems to be “cradle cap” or dandruff that is really just excess baking soda!  

For those of you who hate the smell of vinegar, it grows on you!  Plus the dilution really helps in the shower to keep the smell less in your face.  The smell doesn’t linger too long in your hair (usually the smell is gone from my hair as soon as it air dries or sooner).  I have been using this method for about two months now and can say that I won’t be going back to shampoo and conditioner any time soon.  On average I would spend about $5 per bottle of shampoo or conditioner, buying the conditioner more frequently.  I would go through a bottle of conditioner in about 1.5 months and shampoo every two months. I would estimate the savings a year would be somewhere around $50-70 a year.  

I purchased my products from WinCo, but have heard you can get these for a good price at Costco as well.  You may have to look around for the best deal and don’t forget to check the unit prices and bulk.  


Have you tried it?  Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know!

Enjoy….Until next time,



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