Summer Love.. and the Shoppin’ is Easy!

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

Today’s good deals are from one of my favorite places to shop!  Rite Aid.  They always seem to have the craziest and best things for sale.  I of course don’t mention them all… But here are a few of my personal favorites this week!  Also… at the end of the post, find out where I found Seahawks Super Bowl shirts on clearance!

Want to start your stock up on some kids summer toys, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg?  Well, I bet you won’t be too surprised to hear from me, that I have found a way for you to save!  Rite Aid has tons of summer water toys at 50% off already!  Discounted prices start at $1 and up… Most things I saw were going for $3-4.  Kids demolish things so quickly, that it seems senseless to pay full price for these items come July when the weather gets hot, so go buy them now!  





Now, beyond the kids, if you are looking for cheap make-up, they also had their Wet n Wild collection marked 40% off.  This makes their eye pencil sharpener .60, one of their mascara’s a buck, and so on… While this isn’t high end make-up, sometimes you just need a back-up, or sometimes you just can’t afford the good stuff.  Either way, for a buck, I will try any mascara!  Some of their other make up brands were buy one, get the second half off.. But the prices weren’t great in my opinion.



Planning on taking your kids to the movies this weekend, but don’t want to pay the price of the movie theater candy?  Well, at BOGO candy boxes, hitting up Rite Aid before the movie is cheaper than going to the dollar store.  Normal boxes are $1.49, so when you buy two you are essentially paying .75/box.  This is fifty cents cheaper than going to the Dollar Tree!  These are also great ways to save on buying candy for Easter baskets.  Don’t pay the outrageous amount for Easter colored candy, when you can buy everyday candy at a WAY cheaper price!  





And… saving the best for last.  Who doesn’t have a Seahawks Super Bowl shirt yet and wants one at a GREAT price?  ME!  Well, then head to Target’s clearance section.  Shirt’s regularly marked at $20, were now $6.  That’s 70% savings, and how can you beat that?  Here is what the ladies shirt looked like…


The one in West Olympia had ladies and kids shirts, but I forgot (whoops) to check out the men’s dept. to see if there were any left for the boyfriends and husbands… 



Have a great weekend..  🙂  




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