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I am a full-time student, part-time worker, and a lover to finding great deals on things. I enjoy cooking, and am looking forward to this summer, where I plan on learning to make things from home instead of purchasing them from the store :) My husband was weary at first, but has succumb to my frugal ways. Every day is something new, so join me in the journey!

What do YOU do with Leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving? I Made Enchilada’s..

Hello fellow frugal friends,

One of my favorite cooking holidays is just TWO weeks away.  I feel so unprepared this year because while I really want to make Thanksgiving dinner this year (because I didn’t get to last year) it’s my older sister’s birthday, my dad is in town, my mother will have to work the Black Friday madness (need new appliances?  She works at the Lacey Sears), and my mother in law may have to make some last minute decisions on her plans.  With all that in mind, I JUST WANT TO COOK THANKSGIVING DINNER AT MY HOUSE and make so much food.

One unfortunate thing about Thanksgiving in my mind is that so much food goes to waste unless you re-purpose it.  It is the same concept as anything else in your house… Why toss it if you can waste less, and re use it for another something.  I like to start thinking ahead of time what I can make with the leftovers, primarily the turkey, because I refuse to buy a small turkey.  At whatever crazy price they sell them for at this time of the year, I normally buy a 20 pound one and use the left overs accordingly.  Now you will always part with some of the food because you share with whoever came to your dinner, so that cuts down, which is nice.  This year, if I do end up getting to make my own dinner, I will be using the leftovers for: turkey noodle soup, lasagna, and enchilada’s in that order-based on the quantity of leftovers.  I was really scared I wouldn’t get to make a dinner this year, so I made a test turkey for practice… and mainly so I could make left over items with it 🙂

Here is my recipe for turkey enchilada’s 🙂


First things first… make your turkey!  If you aren’t going fancy from the butcher, I think Norbest has the best turkeys that come frozen.  I have tried many brands, but have never had a dry Norbest turkey.  Season to your liking.  This is just seasoned with a stick of butter, salt, and cracked pepper.


Next, get all your stuff together.  In the above picture, I have my turkey shredded into thick pieces, cotija cheese, diced onions, olives, cheese, and enchilada sauce.  I know I like to make things from scratch but people really seem to like the enchilada sauce I buy from the store.. One day I may venture into making my own, but for now I use the yellow can of El Pato.

20140814_101351 (1)

I learned from a friend the best way to get your enchilada’s super tasty for dinner time is to take each tortilla and fry it up for a bit in a pan with hot oil.  You don’t let it get crunchy…. just a good hot, oily tortilla.  I just keep a piece out and use my fingers to dip.  Inside the tortilla is a thin to medium thickness layer of El Pato and then turkey and cheese.  Top it off with more enchilada sauce.. Some people like it super saucy, some don’t.  I feel like I make mine pretty saucy.


Ugh, don’t judge me for using non reusable pans, PLEASE!   They were getting taken to a place in which I would not receive my glass Pyrex back.  You will top the tortillas now with shredded cheese, Cotija cheese, olives, and onions (or as you wish!).  Bake at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes.

Of course, everybody makes their recipe a little different, but that is what I do.  It is hard to say exactly how much of any one item you will need because it depends on how many you want to make, how much cheese or sauce you like, and so forth.  If I make two cake pans worth, I go through about a large bag of cheese (almost), 1 pound of Cotija (can be found where specialty cheeses are or in cheese aisle), a can of olives, and a medium onion.  Sauce is about two large cans.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving… It’s such a great time.   🙂  Next week I will be posting how to make an entire Thanksgiving at the cheapest price.  Last year, I managed an entire meal for SIX for around $35- including dessert.




Veteran’s Day is Here… What can YOUR vet get?

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Veteran’s Day is tomorrow and I would like you to all think about what this day really means.  Someone gave so we could play (and of course other things).  In order to repay those who gave years of their life to the United States, many restaurants give a little something on Veteran’s Day.  Here are a few places I know of that your vet can get a free item:

Red Robin:  Free Tavern burger.  Tomorrow is also Tavern Tuesday, but you can only use one of the two promo’s (wouldn’t it be great if you could use both?).  I am not sure if the free Vet’s burger can be applied to To Go’s or not.

Applebee’s:  Vet’s receive a free meal from a select menu.  Now, I know that that Applebee’s by my house can sometimes have a two hour wait on this particular day, so you will want to weigh your options here.  Is it worth the wait?  This is for dine-in only.

Starbucks: These kind folks would like to give you a tall brewed coffee for your great service.

BJ’s:  Military personnel can receive a free meal valued up to $9.95.  You may want to call and confirm your location is participating.

Krispy Kreme:  A sweet breakfast sound good?  KK would love to offer you a doughnut at a coffee on the house.  No other purchase necessary.

Menchie’s:  6 oz a tasty FRO-YO coming your way!

Red Lobster:  A free appetizer is in store for you!  Actually, you can use this now through the 13th.

Outback:  Would ya like a free bloomin’ onion?  Go here if you do!

Denny’s: Free Grand Slam for military folks here.  The build your own type!

Now, as a precaution, I would always recommend calling ahead to make sure whatever location you want to go to is participating in this fine event.  Also, you will need to be able to show proof of military employment. If you are in your uniform, that usually constitutes proof, but be prepared with your ID.  Please keep in mind spouses, while we all appreciate what you do on the home front, many (if not all) of these places only give the free items to active duty, retired, ect. and not to family members.

As a server, I would just like to ask that you keep in mind that your servers will be extra busy on this day, and would greatly appreciate you acknowledging you received free food by tipping accordingly.  Obviously, I can’t make you tip, but just remember that he/she is basically working for free (some states only pay their wait staff $2.35 or something crazy like that) unless you take care of them like they are taking of you!

My fingers are frozen because I am too cheap to turn my heater on and my nails are still partially wet so I can’t put a sweatshirt on… this is my way of apologizing for any misspellings 🙂  Please make sure to thank a veteran today, tomorrow, and always.

Until next time,


Jamberry- Are They Worth It?

Hello frugal friends,

I am going to be MIA for the next two weeks cramming away for my PCAT’s, but I wanted to let you know how my Jamberry vinyl nail wraps experience was that I tried a week back.  You will be quite pleased to hear that I was actually impressed with them!  I received a sample from a gal I know, and being the skeptic I am, put these things through the ringer to see how they would hold up.

I hope you think I have pretty hands, because you are about to be checking them out 🙂

Day 1:  First done.  My index and middle finger have Jamberry vinyl wraps on them, while the other three have basic black nail polish.  Yes, it looks like my nails were painted by a three year old..something that is awesome about the wraps… they don’t look like a three year old did them.


Day 2:  Already have chipping on my painted nails.  I was pretty sure when I went to work on this night that the Jam’s wouldn’t make it through my dishwashing, bartending, cleaning rendezvous.


Day 3:  Well, they made it through my shift at work… LITERALLY, I was surprised… and impressed.  Nail polish has chipped a little more.  With my high anxiety levels lately, my actual nails have been really frail and brittle (possibly from nervous biting habits) so I was expecting the Jams to start lifting at the edge of my nail.


Day 4:  I think due to some first time user errors (which is reasonable for doing something the first time) I had some bubbling at the start of my nail, but they still looked great and you could hardly notice- hence you not being able to tell in this picture.  Think- I could have LIED to you.


Oooops… missed day 5, but they were still holding on strong.

Day 6:  You can see on my index finger that a little piece is missing… I got really nervous and starting chewing my nails… and then realized what I was doing.. I can’t really blame the Jam’s for my inability to not bite when I’m nervous/anxious.  My nail polish is actually holding up better than normal- don’t ask why, this is a fluke.


Day 7: With a first time trying something, a lack of perfection occurs-usually on the users end rather than the products.  I kept playing with them… I wanted to know if they were really holding up… I had to file down a little piece on both fingers because I was playing with them.  But they are looking better than my other nails (and if you could see my left hand…holy jeebus, the paint is barely there).


Now here is the thing.. I could have kept these on until they fell off or I had to remove them, but I wanted to be able to tell you what they did to my nails.  We all know if you wear red polish to long it can turn your nails yellow or that acrylic nails can take off layers of your nail.  I wanted to know, so I peeled them off.  Cautiously, I started at one “corner” and just kind of slowly peeled.  I was so surprised that it didn’t leave some of the vinyl wrap or that it didn’t take some of my nail with it.  They were by no means about to come off, lifting, peeling, or anything… They were in great shape; but for the purposes of this post they had to come off.

So I can for sure tell you a few things about Jamberry nail wraps..

A.  They work- they definitely lasted longer than my nail polish (again, you should really see my hands right now).

B.  For the cost, I would probably do it again.

C.  I am not impressed easily, but these are pretty cool.

and most importantly are D & E…

D.  They are fairly easy to apply.  Probably like me, you will have to try once to get the idea of it, but from there, you are golden to do a simple application.

E.  There is no need to ever go get a manicure again.  Buy some Jam’s… try them out.  The initial $15 or so that you spend, is equivalent to getting one manicure (maybe cheaper, I don’t know)- except you get numerous uses out of your sheet.

Friends, I can officially give you my blessing to spend money on these.  Especially if you are a frequent flyer at the nail salon.  Now, are these going to stop me from getting a pedicure two or three times a year?  No, nothing will.  But my nails can still look great when I don’t have so much extra time to paint them once a week.

Want to order some?  Here is a link to the gals site:

I really hope you get a chance to try some- they have hundreds on different styles to order from (Huskies, Cougs, Football, regular colors, ect.) which lets you customize to your liking.

**Just so you know, I am not receiving anything other than the original wraps to try so these opinions are mine and mine alone.

Now that you know I am alive, well, and loved my Jamberry experience I must continue with my painfully boring studies 😦

Until next time,


Office Depot Moving Sale Finds

Hello friends,

A week or so back on my Facebook page (you can look me up at Mrsemcsdealoftheday andwaystosave) I posted about the West Olympia Office Depot having a moving sale.  Personally, I think it’s going out of business.. I haven’t seen signs about where it is they are moving to, not that it really matters.  They are selling everything in their store.  I would just like to start by saying that people get way to excited when they see 25% off signs and so forth at these events.  The stores have marked their products to normal prices and 25% off is probably a normal sale price, so be careful that your good deal, isn’t just a normal one.

I went in today to see what was left, if anything was worth going in for, and to see if I could find anything out there for you guys!  Here are a few things that in my opinion would be worth buying:


A.  Blank invitations.  Are you getting married anytime soon?  Have a baby shower coming up?  Anything that requires you to use invitations?  Well, they are all 60% off, which means you could get some at a pretty good price (have you ever checked out the cost of wedding invites…YIKES!).  Original prices started at $10.49, so you would be paying $4 and some change after tax.  Ummm, yes please.

wpid-20141018_173846.jpg                wpid-20141018_173854.jpg

B.  Crayola products!!  Christmas is right around the corner, and if you can buy your kid/niece/nephew, whoever Crayola products at 40% off, I would say you did good.  They still had a pretty good selection of these products.  If it was me buying them, I would give it a few days until they did their next mark down to see if I could get it even cheaper, but it is still a good deal.


C.  Backpacks-  Now, I know school just started, but maybe you didn’t buy your kid a new backpack because they cost SO MUCH MONEY or perhaps you are about to start college.  Maybe you just need one for travels.  They had Jansport’s for $45 originally, making them $18  now.  You cannot beat that price.  Buy one for next year… buy one for a kid at your kids school who doesn’t have one.  There were off brands that were cheaper as well, this is just the price of one I can actually remember!  I am pretty sure the backpack in the upper left corner is originally $20, so it would be $8 if that’s the case.


D.  Are you a 49’s fan?  I hope not, that would be unfortunate.  But, if you are, then Colin’s Beat’s by Dre at marked down from $199 to $119.99.  This would be a great time to buy your kid (or yourself) these ear phones.   There was a very limited quantity on these, so if you are thinking about it…do it.

Other than that, I don’t think anything was worth buying at this point yet.  That doesn’t mean you can’t go in there and check it out for yourself, but from a lady who deal shops on the regular, everything else can wait.  Yes, this includes the laptops they have, the shredders, and all the furniture.  Go check it out though, things sell fast when people get scared they won’t get the great prices of a store closing.  I walked out empty handed.  I hate that.

I will be posting tomorrow about my week with Jamberry nails, so be on the lookout!


My First Jamberry Experience

Hello my fellow frugal friends,

Have you heard of Jamberry before?  Did you read my Pre-Jamberry Sesh post?  If not, maybe you should!  So here is the deal, I hate painting my nails day in and day out because they chip or don’t work with what I am doing (that part rarely happens, but you can’t go to a funeral with Hawks colored nails, can you?).  Jamberry’s are vinyl wraps you can apply to your nails that last about two weeks on your hands and even longer on your feet!  Well, this is what they say..

I am here to be your tester.  I work in a bar… I wash my hands constantly and I manually clean all my dishes.  This should tell you that I spend a good portion of my day at work with my hands in water at some point.  I find that I have to re-apply nail polish more than once a week at this rate, which is not only time consuming, but annoying since promptly after I paint my nails I look like a 3 year old just went to town coloring them.

Here is my pre-Jam picture (which was on my Pre-Jam Sesh post):


Umm…yuck.  They are already chipping and the other side looked worse (mainly because I can’t paint my right hand for the life of me).

Here is my post- Jam hand:


My index and middle finger have Jamberry wraps on them, and the other three are with the same black polish as the above photo.  I literally just did these.  As you can tell, I have a dark soul- my Jams are black with some sparkle trickling down from the top.  But they have hundreds of different designs.

Level: EASY

Time: More consuming than I wanted it to be, but it was because I was learning the technique of putting them on and

everything.  If I did them again, it would take maybe 15-20 to do both both hands completely (estimate).

You may be wondering how this seems frugal at all, but if you go in for manicures or pedicures of any kind frequently, you could potentially be wasting TONS of money.  I have heard great things about these Jam’s, but I can’t completely tell you they are worth the money yet.  As the week goes on, I will post pictures of how my nails look so you can see the difference between the Jamberry nails and the at home paint job.

One set of wraps is good for two pedicures AND 2-3 manicures @ $15 per set of wraps.  This would make each application $3.25.  Now, occasionally some things are worth the money because they save so much time.  I rarely say this.  But to some degree, if for $3.25 every 2 weeks, I did my own nails and didn’t have to think about them again… that might be worth the money-  think, $1.62/week if they last two weeks.  Sometimes, just sometimes, that amount could be worth the time I spend painting my nails..and then cleaning the paint off my hands.

If you are interested in seeing how to apply them, here is a link you can check out:

& if you are interested in ordering some Jamberry nail wraps to try out, check out:

Anyways, you will be be getting a part two of this post probably on Sunday as that will have gotten me through the week and two busy shifts at work.  Have you tried these before?  Do you like them?  Are you thinking of ordering some?!?

Let me know what you think if you have or are going to!  Ta-Ta..


Pre-Jamberry Sesh

Hello frugal friends,

In this day and age, we are always on the go- & working in a restaurant makes it hard to keep my nails looking nice.  I received a sample of Jamberry nails from a school friend who is a consultant and I was really hoping to try them this week, but I ended up getting all of the week off.  I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to try them while I wasn’t working so I thought I would show you my five day old (not even working) nail polish.  I am a constant hand washer, which makes my nail polish chip so fast.   So here is my pre-Jam.  I have heard such great things about these and so I am going to try putting them on Monday for my shift Tuesday to see how they withstand a week in the life of a bartender/server.  Anyways, judge away at my chipped, raggedy nails & here is to hoping Jamberry does the trick.


So, once I have put some on I’ll take daily (if I can remember) pictures of how well they do for me that way you can see from someone who only wants you to pay for something that is worth the money : )  To check out my friends Jamberry link and maybe get some to try for yourself go to this site:

In my first post with them, I will give you all the info on cost and such.

Until next time,


Kohl’s is all about that Sale.

Holy goodness…Why is everyone having such a sale this weekend?  I am thoroughly surprised & yet, not complaining by any means… Here is the last coupon I will give you today (unless something super awesome comes my way).  Don’t blame me.. Blame the stores, they keep sending me messages on my phone and email to let you guys know where and when you can get the best prices.

Kohl’s is offering up 20% off this weekend & if you spend $50, you get $10 back in Kohl’s cash.  Not quite as good as the Old Navy one I just shot your way, but it could work.

-OR-  if you  need home items, they have a $10 off $50 coupon going right now:

-OR-  if you need new luggage, which let’s be honest, I DO!, they have a $50 off $200 luggage.  So if you are preparing for that Christmas family trip, now may be the right time to start your luggage shopping.

Shop, share, and enjoy!


JCP $10 off $25

Hey guys,

I know I have put this one out there before, but here is another JCP $10 off $25 coupon that is good through Monday, October 13th.


Seems like places are wanting your business this weekend, & if they are willing to give good discounts, you know you will find me there 🙂   Here is the URL to print out the coupon-

Find anything good?  Let me know!  You might get there before me!

Old Navy Wants you to SHOP with them…

Hello fellow frugal friends,

In my conquest to save you money and find you good deals… Here is one I couldn’t resist telling you about.

When shopping in stores now through 10/13, for every $25 you spend, you receive $20 in Super Cash.  So basically, if you spend $25, you get $20 for free to spend with them (I am sure on a future date..but you will need clothes again, right?)

If you don’t feel like doing this.. you can get 15% off by shopping online- using code:  ONSAVENOW.  But this <<<  does not compare to the above mentioned.

Also until the 13th, they have items up to 50% off!  This only makes certain items worth purchasing if you ask me (such as the tanks they will have for 50%, @ $1.99), so don’t be fooled by the glory of getting half off.

I might go check out what I can get for that amount of money…maybe see if these is $10 worth of stuff my mom, sister, and I can each muster up purchasing so we can have $20 for later!?

As I find deals this weekend.. I will keep posting.. with the weather getting colder (and the feeling of getting my potential first fall cold), I will be indoors a lot & looking for ways to save.


Kohl’s Home Sale (plus a coupon)

Kohl’s is giving me more and more reasons to shop with them… they love to hand out coupons!  Uhh, yes please.  I try not to buy anything at full price and when I can shop online or in store and get a discount, my day is made.  From now until October 13th Kohl’s is offering $10 off $50 when spent in the home department.  Sadly, this does not include luggage, but all other home department items.

Here is the link for the coupon-

OR- if you prefer not to leave your house, so you can shop in your jammies (or write in them) you can use promo code: HOMESALE10.

20% off of the already sale price could turn out to be really good depending on what you find and how much you spend.  I hope you find something you can enjoy.