To Shampoo or Not to Shampoo??

Hello friends,

Depending on how long you have been following my blog, you may have read that I don’t use shampoo and conditioner.  I quit in February.  Instead I use a mixture of baking soda/water as my “shampoo” and apple cider vinegar as my “conditioner”.  Over the last ten months, my hair has felt fantastic.  There have been so many positives to my discontinued use of regular shampoo/conditioner.  But basically I have come to this dilemma…. in the months that I have been doing this I have managed to get my husband to quit gagging after I get out of the shower (from the smell of ACV) but he still wishes I would use regular shampoo and conditioner.  Apparently, that is all he wants for Christmas!  I have yet to decide if I will continue my path or give in to my husbands request, but I thought I would put out there a pros/cons list, in case you have felt like trying this method out.

PROS: (to using baking soda/ACV)

-Cost is significantly cheaper:  In ten months I have used less than one gallon of ACV (less than $5) and about $3 in baking soda.  10 months of shampoo is probably $30 give or take.

-My hair feels great!

-ACV helps with dandruff… so during the dry months, I don’t need to feel like I shouldn’t wear black.

-I know all the ingredients in my “shampoo and conditioner”.

-It is quicker to get in and out of my hair than the regular stuff!


-It does take a little extra effort… really though, just like a minute extra.  I have to decide today is hair washing day, and then put the ACV and the baking soda in two cups.

-The smell… I personally like the smell of ACV, but it took a bit to adjust to my hair smelling like it until it was dry.  My husband on the other hand…. still not a fan.

-It strips the color out of my hair faster…  which doesn’t mean I will see my hair lady any sooner (because I am lazy), it just means my hair won’t look as good for as long… =(

Decisions, decisions… Life is tough.  Even though I only started using ACV/baking soda ten months ago, before that I hadn’t bought shampoo & conditioner in over a year from having a stock up… so do I start back up?  Do I give into my husbands request?  I mean, it really is a simple request.  I thought I would share this dilemma with you all share my goal of spending less.  But the main question of this post is if it is worth continuing when your S.O. doesn’t care for one of your frugal ways?!?

When I make a decision, I will let you know.



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