Office Depot Moving Sale Finds

Hello friends,

A week or so back on my Facebook page (you can look me up at Mrsemcsdealoftheday andwaystosave) I posted about the West Olympia Office Depot having a moving sale.  Personally, I think it’s going out of business.. I haven’t seen signs about where it is they are moving to, not that it really matters.  They are selling everything in their store.  I would just like to start by saying that people get way to excited when they see 25% off signs and so forth at these events.  The stores have marked their products to normal prices and 25% off is probably a normal sale price, so be careful that your good deal, isn’t just a normal one.

I went in today to see what was left, if anything was worth going in for, and to see if I could find anything out there for you guys!  Here are a few things that in my opinion would be worth buying:


A.  Blank invitations.  Are you getting married anytime soon?  Have a baby shower coming up?  Anything that requires you to use invitations?  Well, they are all 60% off, which means you could get some at a pretty good price (have you ever checked out the cost of wedding invites…YIKES!).  Original prices started at $10.49, so you would be paying $4 and some change after tax.  Ummm, yes please.

wpid-20141018_173846.jpg                wpid-20141018_173854.jpg

B.  Crayola products!!  Christmas is right around the corner, and if you can buy your kid/niece/nephew, whoever Crayola products at 40% off, I would say you did good.  They still had a pretty good selection of these products.  If it was me buying them, I would give it a few days until they did their next mark down to see if I could get it even cheaper, but it is still a good deal.


C.  Backpacks-  Now, I know school just started, but maybe you didn’t buy your kid a new backpack because they cost SO MUCH MONEY or perhaps you are about to start college.  Maybe you just need one for travels.  They had Jansport’s for $45 originally, making them $18  now.  You cannot beat that price.  Buy one for next year… buy one for a kid at your kids school who doesn’t have one.  There were off brands that were cheaper as well, this is just the price of one I can actually remember!  I am pretty sure the backpack in the upper left corner is originally $20, so it would be $8 if that’s the case.


D.  Are you a 49’s fan?  I hope not, that would be unfortunate.  But, if you are, then Colin’s Beat’s by Dre at marked down from $199 to $119.99.  This would be a great time to buy your kid (or yourself) these ear phones.   There was a very limited quantity on these, so if you are thinking about it…do it.

Other than that, I don’t think anything was worth buying at this point yet.  That doesn’t mean you can’t go in there and check it out for yourself, but from a lady who deal shops on the regular, everything else can wait.  Yes, this includes the laptops they have, the shredders, and all the furniture.  Go check it out though, things sell fast when people get scared they won’t get the great prices of a store closing.  I walked out empty handed.  I hate that.

I will be posting tomorrow about my week with Jamberry nails, so be on the lookout!



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