Pre-Jamberry Sesh

Hello frugal friends,

In this day and age, we are always on the go- & working in a restaurant makes it hard to keep my nails looking nice.  I received a sample of Jamberry nails from a school friend who is a consultant and I was really hoping to try them this week, but I ended up getting all of the week off.  I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to try them while I wasn’t working so I thought I would show you my five day old (not even working) nail polish.  I am a constant hand washer, which makes my nail polish chip so fast.   So here is my pre-Jam.  I have heard such great things about these and so I am going to try putting them on Monday for my shift Tuesday to see how they withstand a week in the life of a bartender/server.  Anyways, judge away at my chipped, raggedy nails & here is to hoping Jamberry does the trick.


So, once I have put some on I’ll take daily (if I can remember) pictures of how well they do for me that way you can see from someone who only wants you to pay for something that is worth the money : )  To check out my friends Jamberry link and maybe get some to try for yourself go to this site:

In my first post with them, I will give you all the info on cost and such.

Until next time,



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