Old Navy Wants you to SHOP with them…

Hello fellow frugal friends,

In my conquest to save you money and find you good deals… Here is one I couldn’t resist telling you about.

When shopping in stores now through 10/13, for every $25 you spend, you receive $20 in Super Cash.  So basically, if you spend $25, you get $20 for free to spend with them (I am sure on a future date..but you will need clothes again, right?)

If you don’t feel like doing this.. you can get 15% off by shopping online- using code:  ONSAVENOW.  But this <<<  does not compare to the above mentioned.

Also until the 13th, they have items up to 50% off!  This only makes certain items worth purchasing if you ask me (such as the tanks they will have for 50%, @ $1.99), so don’t be fooled by the glory of getting half off.

I might go check out what I can get for that amount of money…maybe see if these is $10 worth of stuff my mom, sister, and I can each muster up purchasing so we can have $20 for later!?

As I find deals this weekend.. I will keep posting.. with the weather getting colder (and the feeling of getting my potential first fall cold), I will be indoors a lot & looking for ways to save.



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