How to Give your Carpet the Extra Boost it Needs While you Clean it

Hello friends,

If you know me personally, you know that I have two pups!  One giant pansy, named Panzy (girl) & then we have Bruce Bruce the girl dog (don’t ask… and don’t worry, she isn’t traumatized).  Panzy is a mutt- German, mastiff, lab, husky-  So if you can envision her coat, I am sure you are thinking warm year round.  Sadly, she doesn’t have a shedding season, rather a daily, minute by minute shed of hair that we can’t seem to figure out where it comes from.  I can sweep up in one day what I have on my entire head.  Also, while she only weighs 80 pounds (runt of the litter), her paws are big and they track in dirt-a lot of dirt. We have light grey carpet that doesn’t always agree with her paws and the dirt she tracks in.

Bruce Bruce the girl dog only weighs 12-13 pounds… she isn’t much & for a little dog isn’t that big of a pain in the shaky, get scared and pee kind of way.  However, when she is mad at us, she will on occasion piddle in the house (I could lie and say my life and dogs are perfect, but why?).  Obviously we clean it as soon as we notice it, like any clean human being would.  Basically, Big Dog plus Little Dog = doggie carpet.  One tracks in dirt from all across the yard… and one is the biggest snot in the world.

Recently, I felt like our house was starting to smell kind of doggie-ish & that to me is not okay.  I do not want to live in “that” house, the ones your friends go to, and say behind your back… ‘Uhh, yuck.  They should really take care of that’.  We have steam cleaned our carpets before with regular animal having blend of carpet cleaner with a carpet cleaner, but this time I added something else-  can you guess what it was?

–YES!!! You are right.  It was vinegar.  White vinegar is supposed to help rid of smells, and will help animals from remarking territories they have previously marked (I definitely found this in a primary literature paper, but I don’t feel like using references here).  I read a bunch of different ways to use it with the carpet cleaner, but for me I added equal parts of carpet cleaner and vinegar into the hot water & cleaned as normal.  I am sure you are thinking…awwww, hell no-  my house is not going to smell like vinegar for days.  Don’t worry, it won’t.  The smell only lasts as long as the carpet is wet, then the smell dissipates.

If you feel like your pooches or pets are leaving a smell or want to get back to clean & fresh smelling carpets, I would definitely recommend trying this out.  I was pleasantly pleased that the smell wasn’t too overwhelming and that it seemed to help freshen up the carpet a little more than just the regular stuff I use (off brand- Target I think).

I have to find something that vinegar can’t do for me… Do you use vinegar for anything special?  Next I am thinking of making a floor cleaner with it!

Enjoy your day…

Here is to hoping for some good deals this week!



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