Jewerly Savings… Taking Target for All Their Sales

Hello friends,

A girlfriend informed me of a great deal that Target is having on their jewelry yesterday and I forgot to let you know.  This sale should still be in effect.  She managed to get $80 of jewelry for $51.

Currently at Target jewelry is..

BOGO 50% off…  add that to –>

Free shipping over $50… pair that up with –>

$5 off (found on Retail me Not)… Use your –>

Red Card for an additional 5% off (which also gets your free shipping).

I don’t have pictures of what she got since it still has to come via mail, but if you need some new stuff for your fall wardrobe or your kid needs some cheap, but nice looking stuff for their upcoming dances (yes, it’s that time of the year), now is the time to buy!

So head to buy some jewelry… send it to me (I mean, buy yourself something) and enjoy the discount!



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