Why Rent a Tux When Buying a Suit is Cheaper?

Hello fellow frugal friends,

School has begun and winter is coming… so that means school dances and weddings that you can’t wear light clothes to.  Amazon has Haggar men’s apparel for up to 70% off.  You can manage to buy an entire suit for less than $100 with free shipping today.  While wearing a tux might seem like a cool thing to do, they are expensive, and you don’t get to keep them but you still get to pay a fortune for them. Get it together kids!??!  Why rent, when you can buy for cheaper?  This would be a great first timers outfit for your young lad or even just for your boyfriend or husband.

Here is the link that got me there:


You may want to to tell your other mom friends about this if they have kids in high school.  This deal is only good for today, but it will be worth every penny you didn’t plan on spending today to not have to rent 3 tuxes this school season.  They are selling the pieces separately so keep that in mind when checking out prices and purchasing.  I did see some slacks in there that were normally $100 and were marked down to $23.99!

Check it out…Until next time,



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