DIY Facial Toner

Hello fellow frugal friends,

This lovely Saturday is bringing about the ideas of fall coming… the summer days are warm, and the pre-fall nights are cooling off.  I can’t help but try and get in the home making mood.  As usual I am always trying to find ways to save money, spend a little more time at home, and find ways to make things from scratch.

I have worked at Red Robin for 7 1/2 years and in the mean time the fried food atmosphere has left me with worse skin than when I was 16, in high school, and supposed to be pimply.  Don’t get me wrong… I don’t have horrible skin now, but I am 26 and I feel like I should have pretty good skin.  I feel like I have a zit a week and that is just not okay with  me.  Unfortunately I am not a fan of buying acne creams or skin and facial toners from the store as they contain so many chemicals and the cost is CRAZY.

So here is what I decided to try.  I am pretty sure that apple cider vinegar is the cure all.  It can fix any problem you can find.  At least, it has so far for me.  So here is the new facial toner I tried out.  And please, don’t be freaked out by all the hard work you have to do.


ACV (apple cider vinegar)

H20 (water)

Cotton balls

apple cider vinegar  plus     

add to a                            

Mix one part ACV and two parts of water into a bottle.  Add the mixture to a cotton ball and apply to your face.  Simple as that.  If you haven’t gotten on the apple cider vinegar band wagon yet, do it now.  Quit thinking of the smell, or the “weirdness” in it… What do you think people did before Neutrogena existed?

Friends, try it.  See if it helps or just use it as a weekly toner.  Enjoy.

Until next time,



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