Jenn Finds Gold at Big Lots!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I don’t often post about what others are doing when it comes to saving money, but sometimes they come to me to tell me about what they find!  My friend Jennifer, a new mother, messaged me today to tell me all about the great deal she found at Big Lots.  This deal is primarily going to make mothers of infants happy, so don’t get your hopes up if you are looking for ACTUAL gold, because, let’s face it, babies don’t eat gold- and they sure as hell don’t poop it!


This totaled up to $34.30.

2.5 oz jars baby food – 20 cents.

4 oz jars baby food – 30 cents.

Yogurt 4 packs – $1.00

Lil Crunchies – $1.00

4- pack harvest juice – $1.00

2- pack organic Gerber food – 50 cents

In addition to those items mentioned above, she purchased make-up, coffee cups (to go), 2 20 ounce Pepsi’s, & 2 gift bags.

I don’t have to purchase baby items, but this seems to be a great deal to me!  Get in, check it out, and buy some baby stuff.  Of course, I always find that you can get a great deal at any Big Lots… They have great make up prices, tooth brushes, food, and so much more.  Have fun friends.

Until next time,



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