Haggen (Top Foods) Summer Clearance

Hello again frugal friends,

I want to remind you that while September is the start of fall, it also means that Christmas is coming.. and with that being said, I like to help people get started with their Christmas shopping as early as humanly possible.  While I started and finished by July, for people who haven’t started and need to start getting idea’s…  Top Foods has some cute little kids toys for sale.


This play grill, normally $28.99 is now marked down to $14.99.  This toy is great for 2+ kiddos.


This is a girls golf set originally $16.99 and is now marked down to $9.49.  This is good for kids 1.5 years and older.


Does your child love shopping with you?  Do you want them to use their own cart?  Here is a $9.99 (originally $17.99) shopping cart for kids 3+ in age.

What you really need to be thinking about is that there is three months until Christmas and if you start now it won’t seem as if your wallet and bank account have completely been depleted if you start as soon as humanly possible.  FRIENDS, shop now.  FEEL better about yourself later… They had other toys there as well but these were the best deals I could find from there.  They also had camping gear and supplies on sale as well.

Have fun, shop ’til you drop!

Until next time,

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