Tavern Tuesday is Back…

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Are you a big fan of Red Robin?  Do you just crave their burgers or one of their Freckled lemonades?  Well, as an employee I am a pretty big fan of you guys all coming in.  Throughout football season Red Robin has a promotion called Tavern Tuesday where if the Seattle Seahawks score from the Red Zone at any point in their game the next Tuesday Tavern Tuesday is triggered.

What is Tavern Tuesday you ask?

…  Well, it’s a pretty great deal.  If you purchase one entree and two beverages you get a Tavern burger for free!  While you still have to put money up to get the free burger this will give you the chance to maybe try one of our more expensive burgers (upwards of $14) and not feel so guilty.  As  a server/bartender I do ask that you remember you got a free $7 burger and to include that cost on your tip (hey, just sayin’… it’s how we make our living).

Don’t have time to go out and eat?  You can still get this promotion to go at most locations, just call and ask the to go person if they are doing it to go.  

In case you don’t follow football much, the Seahawks did score from the Red Zone last Thursday, so this promotion is good for tomorrow 9/9/14.  GO. EAT.  BE MERRY.

Enjoy friends,



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