My First Major Appliance Purchase :) How I Saved $1000 at Sears

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Labor Day has come and gone, and school is in session.  Until late fall the GREAT sales have come and passed.   I no longer “need” to buy fun things, but my husband and I did actually need a few major household appliances.  We bought our house three years ago with all major appliances already in it, so we haven’t had to purchase any since we moved in.  We did buy a water heater but I don’t feel like that really counts?  A few months ago, our dishwasher started acting funny and wouldn’t drain.  My husband was able to figure out what the problem was and fixed it for a whopping $12.  This was obviously a better fix rather than spending hundreds of dollars to get a new one.  

My mother works at Sears in the appliance department and is always telling me about the deals they are having when it comes to major appliances.  Until recently we told ourselves we could stick with what we had, we would fix whatever problems came our way and keep our ever so old appliances until they fell apart.  It’s not like they have gotten bad, but I finally felt like it was time to give ourselves an upgrade.  We wanted something that was energy efficient and would cut cost’s on our energy bill and water bill.

I went into Sears today, and decided I was going to do it.  The idea of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on new appliances was beyond FRIGHTENING.  We decided to purchase the Samsung 4.2 cu. ft. HE front loader washer.  This normally runs $800 and was only sale for $579.99.  We bought the matching dryer to go with it at $579.99 as well.  Because we bought the protection agreements for these products we received an additional 10% off.  The extra deal we got from purchasing this set is going to be a $100 rebate from our electricity company and a $50 rebate from the water company AS WELL AS a $150 instant rebate onto my Shop Your Way Rewards (SYWR) program card.


Samsung 4.2 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer - White    Samsung 7.5 cu. ft. Front-Load Electric Dryer - White

With the $150 credit on my SYWR card we purchased a new dishwasher.  The original cost of this dishwasher was $829 but it was a close out item and was marked down.  The sign said $399.88, which turned out to be an accident as it was supposed to be $599.  They of course honored the deal and gave it to me at $399.88.  I used the $150 credit and got it for $250.  I put this on my Sears credit card so in 6-10 weeks when I get my rebates from both the water and electricity I will put them towards my dishwasher, which makes an $829 dishwasher … $99.  I am not sure I could have gotten a better deal, a $700 plus savings.    <<  The URL for the dishwasher.  IT HAS STEM WARE racks 🙂  So I can wine and dine…and not have to hand wash if I don’t want to.

I know this is kind of a long post, and if you aren’t a homeowner not very fun to read.  But if you have friends who own a home or in the process of a buying a home, go to Sears… see my mom (Rose) and get the goods on the appliances.  I saved a little over $1000 and after rebates come through will have spent $1300 ish.

This is our first major appliance purchase and I am a little freaked out at the idea of spending that much, but honestly it’s not that much and when you take into consideration the savings, I suppose I did myself pretty well! 

Enjoy your day… Until next time,



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