How I Saved $740 at JCP

Hello fellow frugal friends,

If you read my post earlier this week you saw I put up a JCPenny’s coupon up.  I found out today (because I know someone who knows someone) that the coupon may have been fraudulently made and may not be real.  That being said, some of my readers had a hard time getting the JCP employee’s to allow them to use the coupon.  If you have ever met myself or my oldest sister, we can be intimidating… nobody told us no!  We printed multiple copies of the coupon and went on Saturday (8/30) and today (8/31).  

We managed to make out like bandits.  We shopped wisely of course.  Their clearance was an additional 25% off, which is all we shopped from.  So we knew we needed out total clearance price to be $13.99, which would make our bill come out to less than a dollar after the discount and coupon were taken off.  On Saturday we spent $8.99 and saved $392.  We got so much stuff.

20140830_143222 (1) 20140830_143217 (1) 20140830_143207 

For $8.99 we got:

2- Men’s zip up hoodies

2- Toddler size shorts

1- Scarf

2- Sunglasses

1- Necklace

2- 5 pack socks

1- Black tank top

2- Pink t-shirts

2- Yellow (ish) long sleeve shirts

1- Work out shorts

1- Blue pair of workout leggings

1- Black shorts

1- Nail wraps package

This was done in eight transactions.  Obviously we came as close as possible to the $10 each time, but didn’t quite get there.  However, it was really the two glasses that cost us the most at almost $3 after discounts.  I would say this worked out well in our favor!  My sister kindly partnered up with me for this event so we could tag team and get more coupon-age (if that’s not a word.. it should be).

Because of how much stuff we got both deals I am making another post about today’s awesome finds… Please check them both out!  And if you head to Penney’s with the coupon, be assertive when you try to use it… it still says it’s good until 9/1.  




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