How I Saved $740 at JCP part 2

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,

If you haven’t read the original post of where I saved $392 at JCPenny’s, go do it.  It will all make more sense on how I saved so much.  Today my sister and I went back and we wanted to find more things… I mean, when we were walking out with such screaming deals yesterday, it was hard to contain our excitement for another round of shopping.  

By quantity today, I would definitely save we got less stuff.  However, with that being said, we still got some super awesome stuff today.  We had to work a little harder today, but managed to find a few things at a very low cost to make us get right above the $10 mark.  Yesterday our lowest bill was $0.52 and today it was $0.50.  I am thoroughly impressed with our ability to make things happen.



Yesterday we didn’t seem to notice the stacks of clearance shoes they had.. or maybe we just assumed they wouldn’t have anything in our price range (as close to free as possible)… Uhh, this is what I get for second guessing myself.  Silly me.  All of this totaled up at $6.33 with a total savings of $348.  As you can see, this looks like less than my original trip, but I think we got some great stuff-

6- Pairs of shoes: 1 heels, 1 sandals, 4 regular shoes

3- Pairs of earrings (these were the extra $1.99 items we were using to get right above that $13.99 mark for FREE stuff)

1- bathing suit… I would just like to say that I actually found a MATCHING bathing suit in their clearance stack..only matching one there was, and it was in my size.

2- Kids tights/leggings

1- 3 pack socks for kids

1- Sweater

1- Long sleeve T


We started to kind of feel bad for over using the coupons, but hey, that’s what coupons are for right?  To bring me into the store, to get me shopping, and to hopefully get me to spend extra money… Well for a grand total of $15.32 for two days of shopping and everything we got, I am mighty happy.  I may even go back tomorrow before work just in case I missed something.  

If you haven’t had time to check it out, tomorrow is the last day for the coupon (be assertive, if they say no, you say yes).  Check out the clearance.  We managed to get a lot of stuff for this price.  I will be around this week making some stuff for the house…will keep you posted.

Until next time friends.



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