JCP Steals… $10 off $10

Hello fellow frugal friends,

The weekend before school is here… and it’s also Labor Day weekend, do you know what that means?  SALES, SALES, SALES!  I was on Facebook, scrolling through, checking everything out, when I found a coupon for JCPenney’s.  I rarely use coupons, but this was a coupon too good to pass up!



Spend a minimum of $10 and get $10 off!  If you are as shopper savvy like I am, you would go in and try to spend as little as possible!  I didn’t get very much time to check out what was out there because I was on a time schedule, but I ended up with two pairs of cotton shorts for walking and a new sports bra.



My total was $11.32 and then I used my coupon and got $10 off, bringing my total to $1.32.  My total savings was $40.78.  I would say this deal is one worth sharing.  I am not sure if all of the clearance was an extra 25% off or just the clothes, but the clothes were an additional 25% off the pink ticketed price.  My sister also went shopping and while I don’t have a picture of what she got, I do have her receipts so you can see her savings as well.  She spent $10.01 in two separate transactions, with a total savings of $102.80!  She got all children’s clothes-  a 4 piece pajama set, a 3 piece pajama set, 2 pairs of pants, pair of shorts, and a tank top.  



I have since realized they took this coupon down from the site I found it on (FB: Money Saving Mom).  If you want to try to and print the photo from my post, go for it, but cut out the part where it shows it was a screen shot.  Anyways check it out and enjoy the sales!  

Until next time,


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