Help me (and you) get free product and healthy living reading material!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

On my conquest to save EVERYONE money and ultimately pay as little as possible for anything (free being best)… I have ran across a way to receive free product (such as ebooks and a necklace) by subscribing via email to The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  There is no cost to you to subscribe, and if you can get ten friends to sign up using your unique code, you can receive $1000 worth of ebooks and items for zero dollars.  While I typically don’t believe any of these things exist, I found this on a money saving blog that I follow pretty frequently (, in which she did all the investigating already to make sure this is legit.  

Let me just make this clear that you do not have to pay for anything by subscribing to their email.  But I am asking that you use my code so that I can receive this great offer. If ten people use my code, I will get this deal at no cost!  Once you have signed up, you can take your unique code and share it with your friends to try and also get the same deal!  

Here is my code:



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