Where to Save on New Bedding.. $240 Savings!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

As fall approaches, many people like to change their bedding and house accessories.  My cutie baby niece has finally outgrown her baby crib and for her birthday got a new bed from grandma and grandpa!! What a lucky girl.  Well, with a new bed comes new bedding!  Where do you shop for a two year old who needs new bedding?  Macy’s of course!  I was surprised when my sister said that is where she wanted to go, but she made the right call. 

We started looking at bed in a bag combo’s because it comes with almost or everything you need, and for a two year works just fine!  I mean, we were at Macy’s so what kind of deal was I expecting?  We found a deal so much better than I could have ever imagined.  We ended up getting a bed in a bag for $17.99!!!!!  





So sorry for the poor photo quality, but this is a 6 piece set, which originally cost $260.00, was marked down to $39.99 with an additional discount (I believe 30%), and then because the Macy’s card was used, there was an additional 10% off!  This is almost a $250 savings!  They had tons of different styles and sizes for beds.  



They also have pillows at a great price as well- $8.99, with a savings of $11  Hit up your local Macy’s and check out what new bedding is in store for you!  If you find any great deals, let me know!


Enjoy yous shopping day!! : )

Until next time friends,


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