Some Days I Just Don’t Feel Like Being Frugal…

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I guess it’s hard to say “fellow” when my post is about not being frugal.  Here’s the thing… I spend day in, and day out watching pennies and dimes for no reason other than it’s fun to me.  We don’t need to.. we don’t have to, I just do.  It’s almost a game to me.  But occasionally I “splurge” on something that I really want!  A high school friend of mine started her own business called Lela and she makes homemade jewelry, scarves, head wraps, ect.  I love her stuff.  If it wasn’t for my overly frugal ways, I would have one of everything!  I finally caved… It’s almost time for regular season football to start (GO HAWKS!) and I decided I was going to go for it!  Go for what you ask? 

I bought a Seahawks rockabilly headband 🙂   Normally, I wouldn’t spend $16 on about anything, but this my friends, is most definitely worth it.  They have an elastic back so that they can fit more than one type of head and they are super comfortable.  I have worn it twice and received many compliments.  Help support a local business and check out her Facebook page, Lela or go to her Etsy page-  =)  She does amazing stuff that starts at premie sizes all the way to big heads like me ; )

Basically, through all frugal ways, some days you just need to buy yourself something you want, that you can afford, and release yourself from the guilt of buying something that is for pure enjoyment. 

Enjoy your Sunday friends,



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