9 Ways I Save on Groceries

Hello fellow frugal friends.

As a master shopper, I like to live by a few rules.  Here are my top 9 ways that I save on my grocery bill.

1.  Don’t buy soda or bottled water.  I know you think I am insane, but think about how much you spend to feed your caffeine addiction.  I used to spend around $2-$4 a day on soda.  Add that up through a month, that’s somewhere between $60-$120 a month on just soda.  If you add in bottled water the price gets even higher.  Think of this as a great time to kick your soda habit.  

2.  Check your circulars every week.  Check the circulars for each store, even if you don’t typically shop at that store.  I find some of the best deals and the most random stores that I don’t normally shop at.  This leads me to number 3.

3.  Don’t just shop at one store.  Many people think that the cost of gas will out way the idea of shopping at more than one store.  But if you live in a big town, there should be numerous stores within a couple miles of each other.  After you have checked out the circulars, buy the items that are on sale at each specific store.    For instance, I like to buy most of my produce from Top Foods (Haggen)  because I find that I can USUALLY get the best deal, and the best quality.  

4.  Buy less, shop more frequently.  Many people buy all their produce once a week and then end up tossing some of it because it goes bad before the next shopping trip.  Try breaking your shopping trips into multiple times a week, at least two times so that you can buy your produce and use it while it is as fresh as possible.  

5.  Make a list before you go.  Don’t go unprepared.  You need to write a list.  I am sure you have heard this a million times, but honestly… you will buy the Oreo’s and the Cheetos if you don’t make a list and stick to it.  

6.  Use coupons.  Seems crazy, right?  You can go to the Dollar Tree on Sunday and pick up the paper for a buck!  You can also find coupons online or you can do things like add Target’s cartwheel app and get extra discounts and percentages off your bill.

7.  Buy in bulk, only when it’s a good deal.  Buying in bulk isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  But check out the price per unit because sometimes buying things in smaller is better and sometimes buying in bulk is better.  Before I buy cheese for instance, I check the price per unit and sometimes it’s better to buy the small ones, but other times buying in bulk is best.

8.  Don’t buy name brand.  There is no reason you can’t buy Haggen brand milk instead of Dairygold.  Plenty of store brand items are just as good as name brands.  Sometimes it takes some taste testing but most of the time, if you like one generic brand item, you will like most of them.

9.  Buy what’s on sale.  I try not to buy anything that isn’t on sale… why would I?  This is why you use your circulars and coupons.  If it’s not on sale, it will be in a few weeks, and unless it is an essential (milk, eggs, ect.) don’t buy it.  It can wait.  Just like texting and driving.

Hope some of these help you!  I am sure you have read ways to save before, but these really work for me (as proven by all the great deals I find).

Until next time,



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