14 Meals for $13…Find Out How & Where!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I have been out and about in this nice weather, staying as cool as possible!  I went to my local favorite, Haggen (Top Foods).  I was able to score fourteen meals…. 8 dinners and 6 lunches for $13.  This is about $1 a meal … a little less. 


Each package of turkey was 0.99.  They are 8 oz each, so for 2 pounds of meat, I paid $3.96.  Normally each package was $2.99, so I saved $2 a pack.  I paired this with a package of bagels (not shown) and will be making turkey bagel sandwiches.  I will definitely have lunch meat left over for the following week.   

I also got 8 hamburger patties for $5.74 and an eight pack of burger buns for $1.39.  The patties were normally $7.74 but had a two dollar mark down sticker.  This is eight dinner meals for less than $8.  Is there even a better way to get eight dinners for summer time?

I try to get to Top Foods around noon after they have marked down their items.  Today they really didn’t have all that much, but what I did get was a great deals.  Hope you can get there and check out what they have.  I see no reason in paying full price for something when I can get such a great price on lunch and dinner at a discounted price.

Until next time,



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