Christmas in July… Get it While it’s Hot!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

As summer progresses I should be getting more free time, but I am finding myself strapped for time to get anything accomplished. As a birthday gift to myself today, I went to Toys R Us and shopped their clearance sale. Christmas seems far away, but it is five months away. Five months of deciding how much to spend on your kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, and more. The only children I have are my baby E and big kid B. Since they aren’t technically “MY” kids, I can buy as much or as little as I want for them. And because of the fact that my husband and I are childless, I shop all the time for kids who won’t be getting gifts. I thought I was done in February or something silly like that, but then I heard about the Toys R Us clearance sale going on.

My friends, now is the time, if ever, to get your tush off the computer, go to Toys R Us- the most dreaded store of all time… and shop your heart out. My entire cart was filled (well, maybe slightly overfilled) and I only spent $45.08. My savings totaled at $238.70.


2014-07-24 13.34.23


Savings went as high as 90% off!!!!   The toys are priced at X and then marked down additionally at the register, based off the color of the tag on the merchandise. I mean, really how can you pass that up?  Here is what I walked out with…




I know you are thinking… this is much…keep going…20140724_132120

And when that didn’t seem like enough…20140724_132757


*While I would normally tell you what I paid for each toy, there is just too much to put down for this post (if you have questions, feel free to get in touch with me… I have the receipt).*

I know, you probably think I am crazy… but let me reiterate that all of this should have been around $300 and I got it for $45.  The most expensive item was $2.55, which was the motorcycle in the second picture of toys.  A few things were less than $1, but most were around $1.50.  I purchased 26 items, for varying ages.  This is what I love about shopping sales.  My husband and I will have the ability to give to more kids and families who don’t have the luxury of affording Christmas toys because I purchase things at the lowest price I believe they will go!  

The morals of this post go as stated: 

1.  GO TO TOYS R US….SHOP THE CLEARANCE NOW! for the kiddo’s in your life, even if you have to store it until December.

2.  At this price, if you have some extra spending cash, instead of going to the bar, or buying a new pair of Rock Revival jeans, buy a couple of toys and make some kids Christmas. 

As for this holiday season, all these toys (plus the other dozens we have) will be donated under the name “Chayson” for a childhood friend who lost her son (and another who lost her nephew).  I have so much stuff to give this year, that I am going to reaching out to all my teacher friends, and even just regular followers, and Facebook friends to let me know if they have a family that could use some help this year.  Due to the fact that I have already purchased items, my donations to families will be based off having things in their children’s age range and size.  So please, feel free to tell a friend… a co-worker, or yourself, that if you need help… Chayson has plenty of stuff to go around ❤  


Until next time frugal friends,



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