Where to Save on Summer Items… Plus a Great Find at WinCo

Hello fellow frugal friends,

I know it’s been a hot minute… sorry!  I have been with my family day in and day out for the last three weeks.  In case you want to know what I did… Well, I got new brakes (thanks DAD!), got a Jawbone UP to track how many steps I am taking (again… THANKS DAD!), and got to meet my newest baby brother!  Not that this has relevance to my post today, but the Jawbone UP is AWESOME!   It keeps me moving, and in fact, I am more active all because a bracelet is on my wrist telling me how many steps/miles/minutes of activity I have completed for the day.  With that being said, I have been one busy girl. 

I managed to get one trip to Target in while my family was roaming through Washington, but I didn’t really get to do any shopping for myself.  I finally checked out the clearance sales in town the other day and found that summer items were up to 90% off at the Lacey store. 

photo 1

The Angry Birds toy didn’t count in the summer clearance but was still 50% off, making it $6.98.  This will be great for my nephew as a surprise gift or I can wait until Christmas/birthday season.  The Crest White Strips were $33, but when I went to check what the cost of one package was (this is a set of two packages) it was $50 for one or $33 for both.  You tell me what the better deal was?  Off bug spray was 70% in the two packs, also making it cheaper to buy 2 than one. 

So for summer sale stuff, here is the break down for prices:

Frisbee:  $0.40

Children’s Apron (hula skirt looking): $0.40

Sand Utility Belt:  $1

Raskullz Swim Fins:  $1

Adult Apron:  $1

Coosies:  0.29

These will be great for the little kiddo’s I call my own.. in fact, as I write this, my baby girl Ellie broke into the kids utility belt and is pretending to play in the sand. 


After Target, I went to my favorite store…WINCO!  While I don’t find many “Deal of the Day” things from here.. I was able to find coupons on some Nabisco products to help score the best deal ever!  Well, that is, only if you REALLY, REALLY, love Cheese Nips.

photo 2

The original price was 0.78 a box.  I found a coupon on other Nabisco products for $1 off if you bought two of any Nabisco product.  So I bought 12 boxes.  It cost me a total of $3.36 for all 12 boxes OR breaking it down more easily 0.28 a box.  These items don’t expire until December.  I gave a bunch to my sister for the kiddo’s and kept some for myself. 


And lastly, if you are trying to get a good deal on summer clothes before the end arrives, a friend of mine told me about Carter’s down in Centralia is having a blow out sale.  $18 original price for shorts, that get marked down to $3.99 and you get an additional 20% off.  Also, everything in the store is at least 40% off right now.  I am not sure how long this sale will last, but it seems like a good time to check it out.  Thanks Megan.

Well friends, it’s been fun to get out there and find you good stuff…. I’ll be able to start my 10 DIY’s next week now that family is gone and I am only working a few days a week.

Until next time,



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