4th of July weekend savings!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Hope your 4th of July weekend has been filled with fun, family, and a remembrance as to why we get to enjoy this time with our family and friends! While I was out and about this weekend, I made my way into the mall for the first time in I don’t even know how long. I wish I could go in more, but they never have prices I am willing to pay for something that I want/need. While I was there, I realized it was a holiday weekend, and that the sales were AMAZING! Check out what I got, where you should go, and the screaming deals that you can find!

So first of all, the last time I shopped at GAP I was about 20..so around six years ago. This is probably when my frugal adventures started, but I still thought $15 for a t-shirt was such a great steal. Now… six years later, I walk in to find that all the clearance is an additional 40% off. I found these two pairs of jeans, normally $69.99 for $11.98 & $13.98. Yes, you read that correctly. Can you believe I scored jeans from GAP at that price. They had tons of different styles and plenty of selection between men and women. I also managed to get a new sports bra for less than $5, and a pair of tights for 50 cents. Those are normally $10, so I would say the savings on those are pretty decent! Oh!, and the best thing about these jeans is that they sit high on your hips, hiding your plumbers crack should you have one ; ) Hey, I’m not judging!
Next best thing was the sale Old Navy was having. The tanks in this picture are normally $10, and I scored them for $2 a piece. They also had kids (boys) cargo pants for less than $4 (normally $20). I managed to get a few new black work shirts for $6 each as well. While I don’t typically spend that much on a shirt, I am required to wear black, they were still a good deal, and to be honest, my boobs look great in them (TMI?)… haha. Any ladies needing maternity clothes, just know they had tons of mark downs on their maternity clothes!!
Macy’s had sales on so much stuff, I couldn’t even remember or write it all down. One thing that I remember well was that if you had a WOW! pass or your card, you received extra savings this weekend.
JC Penny’s had plenty of sale options, but nothing stood out.

Friends, this is a great time to get back to school clothes, or just some new stuff for yourself. Places are doing what they can to drive in business, and if they got mine, you know that means they had sales that were worth checking out!

Now, outside of the mall, I can tell you that SEARS is having a great sale on clearance items in their small appliance/home fashions dept., as well as their clothing clearance. Take an extra 20-30% off the already reduced prices. I drove their today, and it looks like they are also having a sidewalk sale, which means, they are looking to make room for new stuff and want the old out (in case you need a translation…should be great prices).

Have a great rest of your holiday weekend! Be safe!
Until next time,


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