Hey MOM! Hey DAD! Great gift for the kids….

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Are you a fan of tablets?  Is your kid always trying to take yours?  DO YOU WANT YOURS BACK?  Well, you all know that I am a fan of buying ahead.  Here is a great deal on a Nabi 2 8 GB kids tablet from Best Buy on today’s deal of the day through them!  With this tablet you have the ability to monitor and control what your kids are doing on the tablet… which in turn makes your life easier.

Here you go….


 nabi - nabi 2 - 8GB - Larger Front


This is normally $179.99 at Best Buy (or $199.99 on Amazon), but today you can get it for $129.99.  This is a $50 savings and is a great way to start your Christmas shopping or early birthday presents.  Aunts, Uncles, Moms, and Dads…. Here is where it’s at!  This item also qualifies for free shipping (ain’t nobody gunna complain to that!).

My dad is in town, so deal finding is hard.  He will be gone soon and I will be able to start my DIY’s and find you the best deals.  Don’t forget that back to school shopping will be starting soon… 🙂  One of my favorite times of the year!

PS.  If you are in need of a bread maker, queenbeecoupons.com has a great deal on an Oster 2lb Express Bake Bread Machine for $22.49, normally $69.99.  This is an AMAZING deal.  (Thanks queenbeecoupons!)

Until Next Time,




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