How to Unclog Your Drain Without Going to the Store!!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Anyone else in the world have so much hair that you clog the drain… all the time?  I try as much as I can to keep my hair out of the shower drain, but I can’t get them all apparently.  Long hair problems.  In addition to that, the husband loves to put the end of the bar of soap to the bottom of the shower and let it go down the drain.  No matter how many times I say this will eventually clog the drain… he does it again and again.  Usually, I make him unclog drains, but this time I wanted to try a DIY drain cleaner instead of paying $5 plus on Drano.  You can use what you already (should) have in your cabinets to clear your drains and use less harsh chemicals!

Here’s all you  need to complete this task….




I know, I know.  You all think I’m nuts.  Why do I have this obsession with these two items?  But let’s be honest here.  THEY WORK!  ON EVERYTHING.  Sometimes it’s white vinegar, sometimes it’s apple cider vinegar.  Either way, these two items together are the mitochondria (power house…they do it all) of the cleaning supply world.

What I did was first run the tub until the water was as hot as it would go.  Turned it off.  Added 1 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar.  It foamed and made a fun looking volcano type eruption (small, won’t go anywhere near above the tub… don’t worry).  Then I ran hot water for a few minutes.  I repeated this twice.

Now, if your drain is super clogged, I am not sure if this would work.  Mine was just starting, and it was easy to clean.  Please listen to the moral of this story:  If you don’t already have these items in your house… get on it.  And please excuse the fact that I am using a product from Wal-Mart.  At least it’s safe to say, I am literally throwing it down the drain.

Until next time.



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