School’s Out& Food is in!!! Plus some great finds today!

Hello fellow frugal friends,

Today, I have spent many hours slaving over the kitchen stove/oven.  Now that school is out, the cooking and baking must begin.  I have not had the opportunity for many months to just put myself in the kitchen and stay there until my need to make something is complete.  I have almost managed that today… but while I write this post, the cookies I made are staring at me…forcing me to eat them (I’m resisting… I swear!!).

So, today’s first task was peanut butter cookies made with only three ingredients.  NO FLOUR in these bad boys- for all you gluten intolerant friends.

Making them is simple, and I am sure most of you already have these in the appropriate areas of your house.

photo 1 (3)


What you’ll need:

1 egg

1 cup sugar

1 cup peanut butter

–Mix these all together, then make a criss-cross with your fork on top and add some additional sugar.

–Oven should be preheated to 350 degrees.  Bake for 12 minutes.  Let them slightly cool before putting them on a wire rack.

photo 2 (3)



While my husband and I are trying to eat a little less sugar, the upside is at least they are homemade and not store bought!!  These were extremely better than I expected considering there was only three ingredients, and no flour.  I will be making these again because it was effortless, quick, and tasty!

Next, I had to indulge in a craving I have been having for months but have had little time to make *note: craving does not equal pregnant*… Egg salad sandwich.  Umm, yummmy!

While everyone has their own recipe to make egg salad and deviled eggs, I recommend trying mine, as it is superior ; )  I don’t use a specific amount of any one ingredient, I just keep adding a little of each until my taste buds tell me I am there.   Here’s what you use:

photo 3 (2)

Now, for any of you who don’t know me well, I am the world’s pickiest eater.  In fact, I can say that besides the bread, ranch is the only other condiment in this picture that I actually eat.  I have never had Dijon mustard or horseradish unless it was in my deviled eggs or egg salad (I use the same recipe for both).   I also add salt and pepper to taste, and in my deviled eggs I substitute Johnny’s seasoning salt for regular salt.

photo 2 (4)

(Let me just say, there is no way to make egg salad photogenic… unless you use Photoshop, but then, what’s the point?)

photo 1 (4)

And voila!, egg salad sammy!  Seriously, I like to add a little extra Dijon mustard and horseradish for a little kick.  Don’t forget you can dress this up however you like.


What is currently cooling you ask?  An eleven pound turkey, which I unfortunately deleted it’s beautiful photo from my phone (insert the saddest face ever).  It looks delicious… golden brown skin, juicy, and peppered up.  Why am I making a turkey you ask?  Did you happen to read my last post?, the one about starting a stock up pile?  I don’t just stock up on household essentials, I also do that with food.  When I find something at a great price, I buy it now, and it goes in our chest freezer.  This was a free turkey we got from my husband’s work for Thanksgiving, and it seems an appropriate time to make it between big turkey dinners.

The upside to it being in between big turkey dinners, is that I can as I wish with said turkey.  This eleven pounder will become turkey enchilada’s, turkey noodle soup, and sandwiches for the weekend.  My boss is a big fan, so I will save some to take to work.  Anyone who worked with me prior to this school year got to indulge in treat Tuesday.  I would make a new (or old) treat, and they would get to eat it!


Now for the deals I found today….. Just a couple, nothing too special.

Do you ever get junk mail from Kohl’s that you toss away before even looking?  Normally I would get rid of any junk coming from the mail man without thinking about it, but for some reason, one time, I looked at some Kohl’s post card.  It had a $10 gift card with a minimum purchase of $10.  So, if I could find something for $10, it was free.  Since this time, it has happened on several more occasions, one being this week.  I wasn’t sure I was going to buy myself an outfit for graduation but I found this dress on CLEARANCE (dress on clearance, during spring/summer… weird?) for $19.  So with my Kohl’s free money after tax, this $50 dress came out to $10 even.  It’s floor length and super cute!  Thanks Kohl’s.  And people… Don’t toss all your junk mail without looking at it, because sometimes they just want to give you free stuff.

photo (4)

Normally, I go as close to free as possible, but I splurged with this gift card, figuring to myself that I spent enough time and energy into my college graduation and that I deserved it!


And now for my favorite place of all time… TOP FOODS! 🙂

–They only had one SUPER deal today, and that 20 ounce Jenny-O brand ground turkey for $1.49.  These normally run around $7.  I snagged four, and put them in the spare freezer (stock up pile).

— They also had their organic brand stuff at 25% off… Not sure if there was specific stuff only, but can’t hurt to check that out.


I will post some enchilada pictures this weekend for your drooling pleasure … ❤

Until next time,




  1. Fantastic dress!
    I know you as a picky eater. I think you should share all of the phobic images that pop into your mind when you think of potatoes.
    Also, have you seen Martha Stewart’s food pics? People think she needs an intervention to get her to put down the camera phone. Your egg salad looks like Botticelli in comparison.
    Thanks for the read!

    1. If I shared all the phobic images I had involving food, not a soul would believe that what I made was actually quite tasty. Martha uses some serious photo shop. I don’t believe she can be a good photo taker, jail mate, and cook. ❤ Thanks for reading!

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