How to Start Your Stock up Pile

Hello fellow frugal shoppers,


Everyone wonders how I find good deals… or why in the world would I buy a million of product A when I only need 5 right now.  I am here to explain this all.  We have a cabinet in our house.  It is known as the stock pile cabinet.  It contains all our bathroom essentials and personal care items.  You can open that bad boy on any given day and find a years worth of something in there.  Why, might you ask?

Well, using Target as my example let me explain this to you.  Yesterday I went to Target..Mostly waiting for my mom to get off work, but also checking out bar soap prices.   I am particular about the kind that I use, but Kevin will use anything I buy…therefore, we use two different soaps in the shower.  I am not sure if Target always has these deals or just sometimes, but yesterday they had buy 3 Olay 6-pack soaps and get a $5 gift card for future purchase.  They were $5 a 6-pack.  This comes to .83 a bar!  So it was $15 to get 18 bars of soap, but I got $5 back, so now I can go buy one more pack of spa and make it $15 for 24 bars of soap, which makes them .65 a bar of soap!  –Oh, and the bonus is that when I went to cash out the girl had a coupon for $1.5o off… so it was really $13.50:)  I didn’t even ask…she just gave it to me!

So for me, why not stock up?  I need it now, I will need it in six months, and so on.  This is a great deal!photo (2)

Here is what to look for on the tag.  They do this with many other products as well!  Some say buy me and get X free, it just depends on what you are getting.

In addition to Olay soap, they had this deal on Old Spice soap.  Buy 3 six packs at $3.99 and get a $5 gift card in return.  With the gift card I will buy another pack of soap and get 24 bars of soap for $11.97.  This makes each bar of soap less than .50 a piece.

photo (3)

All in all, before I use the two $5 gift cards to buy more soap, I spent around $25 on soap, and after I buy more with those gift cards, I will have about 8 packs of soap for that price.  This makes each bar come out to around .52 a piece.  Stocking up may seem silly, but when you can save money buy purchasing more in advance, do it.  Set aside one space, one cabinet somewhere.  Aim to fill it with essentials.  Things like soap, shampoo, razors, they don’t expire, so buy them at the right price and purchase more than you need.  It will save you time at the store, and it also helps keep your monthly bills down.  If you can spend “a lot” once and not worry about it for the rest of the year, you will be thankful.


Anyways, nothing to fun today, but this is a great way to save.  Go check it out friends!

Until next time,




  1. I think you hit on a couple of salient points here. First of all, math sucks but doing a little saves money (further extrapolation: you need math to count money). Also, it is as though you suggest shopping is TIME TRAVEL, which is really cool. The future is bound to happen eventually, why not shop like it’s now? Once in a while I tag along with a friend to Costco. When I start to do the math on how much I will save, I do not conclude anything as impressive as this soap system at Target. So, if I don’t do all the math and just pick up a case of corn, I rely on knowing that I could just toss the cans on the bed and roll around in that sweet, delicious corn and that I can just open a can anytime I want! FOREVER!

    Thanks lady. I read your stuff every time you post.

    1. Aunt Lyn,
      You read into my writing so well and I appreciate the support! Thanks:). This is probably the second or third time I’ve been able to take advantage of this system they have but not all of them are as great of a deal as this!

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