Safeway Scores Today!

Hello fellow frugal friends,
I’m sure you know by now that I have a love for shopping at Top Foods and WinCo, and that my love for Safeway is low.  However, I needed to make a quit stop today for some produce and didn’t want to drive to either end of the Olympia/Lacey area to do this.  Turns out today is a good day to be at Safeway.

photo (1)

While this post isn’t about me getting all this for $5 like I like to do, that is mainly because it’s essentially produce and dairy products which are never cheap (also not pictured are two boxes of Apple Jacks).  This, including the cereal cost me $25.  Now, if you just take out the strawberries and cheese you can take away $10 and it looks better!

They had Kraft mild cheddar shredded cheese on markdown (doesn’t expire until end of July).  Original cost was $4.49, plus I got 50% off for the markdown.  Then they had BOGO free.  So what should have been $13.47 on cheese was $8.99.  Then when you add the 50% off on the other two it came to $4.50.  AND to top this off, there was a coupon sitting on top of the cheese…a single, lonely coupon, which I quickly snatched for $1 off when you buy 3 Kraft products. Which made the three bags of cheese come to $3.50.  The cashier was extra confused, and ended up giving me 50% off the free cheese (which made it come to $1.50).  She basically said OOOOPS, never had this problem before, you win.  It get’s better, really.  She actually messed up the whole cheese transaction, and we couldn’t find where she discounted one of the cheeses, so they reimbursed me $2.26.  Moral of this long story, Safeway PAID me .75 to take this cheese off their hands: )    In case you are curious, there were still plenty of these packages left (Yelm HW location) and they are still BOGO.

Some other extra awesome deals they had were the cereals.  The 12 oz. Apple Jacks were $.167 or 3/$5.  They had this deal on some other name brand cereals (Raisin Bran).  They also had some 2/$4 cereals that were name brand as well, such as Corn Pops.  I personally despise purchasing cereal because it is horrible for you, and if I wanted to eat straight sugar, I would just have ice cream for breakfast, but husband loves it… so here it is!

The big watermelons which are usually priced by pound were a straight $3.99, which also happened to be the cost of the personal sized watermelons, so I am sure you can guess which one I picked up.

Triscuits & Wheat Thins were $1.67 a box I believe!

Safeway’s Essential Pantry cookies were 50% off, making them come to .64 a pack.  While I much prefer to make my own cookies, when in a bind, how can you pass up cookies at this price?  Possible, I think not….

Claussen pickles were BOGO free and I just happen to have a coupon for .75 off, so I will be back to get some pickles this week!


Enjoy your shopping,

Until next time,




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