Hello fellow frugal friends.

As school comes to a close (two weeks left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I am beginning to dream of the things I want to do this summer.  I have a ton of home projects I want to work on.  Most of it involves getting rid of so much excess in our lives.  It feels as if I have to have three bathroom cleaners, Pledge for wood, Windex for this and that, and so on.  Not only are these products costly, but I have no idea what I am spraying in my house.  So, with that being said I have ten DIY’s I can’t wait to try this summer to A. reduce my cost of cleaning products and B. know what I am putting in throughout my house.  This will also help me clear the clutter underneath the sinks where I keep so much of it, and in our laundry room as well.

So here is my top ten, with one not being a cleaner of some sort:

1.  Pallet Bookshelves.  If you know me, or my family, we are readers.  We love all sorts of books.  I refuse to buy a Kindle or such because I love the feel and texture of a book…especially ones that I have read and reread over again.  On top of regular books, I enjoy cookbooks and without a doubt believe you can never have too many.  Even with the invention of Pinterest, where I get plenty of cooking ideas, I love flicking through a cookbook to find a new recipe.  If I can attempt and succeed at these bookshelves they will be to display cookbooks in my kitchen on the walls.  This is what I want them to look like.

 (this photo came from

Here’s to hoping it works. 

2.  Hand soap-  My friend and I tried this once before and I have yet to have time to retry since.  It smelled great, it even cleaned just fine…however, it was too watery.  I will be on the hunt for a new recipe, which I am sure will come from Pinterest, just like most of these other DIY’s.

3.  Liquid dish soap-  While I will always buy Dawn dish soap for other cleaning purposes (check out my post about Bathtub Blues), spending money on liquid dish soap gets expensive.  We have a dishwasher, but we pre-wash everything first so we still go through a ton of this stuff.  

4.  Window cleaner- I love Windex, but the cost is getting out of hand.  Plus, it just smells like it is full of chemicals (which I am sure it is).  I know you can clean with just vinegar (or so I’ve been told), but with since our big dog loves to slobber on the windows, I think we may need a littler more than vinegar.  

5.  Laundry booster-  While our homemade laundry soap does a great job of getting stains out (if you want to get a recipe for laundry soap, check out my previous post on why buy when you can make your own), occasionally you just need a little something extra.  We use Sun right now, and it does a great job, but it’s $4-5 a bottle and I would love to reduce the cost.

6.  Reusable dryer sheets-  I hate disposable things.  Loathe them in fact.  To me, it is bothersome that as American’s we are all about time and convenience.  Buying disposable things, means little to no clean up for you, but it isn’t always better or more cost effective.  I have not found too many recipes for these, but I am bound and determined to find one and make it work.  Dryer sheets are outrageous to pay for.

7.  Floor wipes-  These would essentially be my new Swiffer pads.  While the conventional mop is great, I have used a Swiffer since I got my own place because all my apartment’s had a small amount of non-carpeted area.  Now, we have increased that, plus added two dogs.  We use a lot of those wipes.  I would love to be able to make reusable ones, and just toss them in the washer when I am done.   

8.  Deodorant-  This one has been on my list for quite some time.  I don’t really wear a lot of deodorant (I don’t have BO, why use it)… but it is nice for those hot summer days, or when I plan on doing an extracurricular activity.  I have heard it’s fairly easy to make, but may require more than just a lift of the shirt and a swipe depending on what you put it on.

9.  Dust spray-  Again, this is just one of those things I am tired of paying for.  Generic brands don’t cut…Sorry Dollar Tree, I love you, but your cleaning products just don’t compare.  So if I can’t cut costs buy using generic I might as well try my hand at a homemade one.

10.  Lastly…When I was a kid, I thought my grandmother was weird.  She didn’t use sponges.  She used wash rags.  Specifically for dishes.  It never dawned on me that she was a GENIUS.  Not only are you wasting less, but you can clean them as often as you like.  I can do beginning knitters stuff, so I think I will make some wash rags.  I change out our sponge once a month.  It’s about $14 for 10 sponges or something like that of Scotch Brite (blue color)… sometimes I change them more than once a month, especially if we have nasty dishes (super saucy or just extra grimy).  I am pretty excited for this one.


I thought I would share in advance with you the first set of projects I want to do once school is done so that if you are interested you can be on the look out for upcoming posts.  🙂  This is going to help rid myself of the chemical clutter in which we are told we need.  If I can find a recipe that is all purpose (meaning I can do windows and wood) I will be doing that instead.  I want to simplify my life, not add more worthless stuff to it.


Any requests on what to do first?  Just let me know.  The main thing I want to do is the bookshelves, but I can do that with any other stuff at the same time!  

Until next time friends..




  1. Hey you!
    Found the link to this blog on FB. Im very interested, and intrigued. Have you seen Anna Whites website? Google it. She has a section on how to make furniture from pallets. There is a place on Mottman, near spscc that has free pallets out every day. Its been forever and a day, but I always had a blast working with you! Im excited to read the rest of your blog, and keep it up! Dara

    1. Dara, So glad you found me! I have been on the Ana White site a few times:). I didn’t know about the place on Mottman but I’ll check it out! Thanks. Hope you enjoy!!!!

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